Seeking the Truth/Script

This is the script for the mission "Seeking the Truth" in Grand Theft Auto V.


(Michael locates the red Bison in Raton Canyon, as instructed by the Epsilon Program website.)

Michael De Santa: Ah... A red truck, huh?

(Michael approaches the Bison)

Michael De Santa: Yeah, fuck it. Why not?

(Michael takes out his Epsilon Program pamphlet, raises his left hand and begins reciting part of the pamphlet)

Michael De Santa: Take me to my father-father, brother-uncle... Kifflom.

(Michael spots two Epsilon Program followers walking toward him)

Epsilon Program follower #1: Hail. Peace, brother-brother.

Epsilon Program follower #2: Kifflom.

(The second Epsilon Program follower kicks Michael in the groin)

Michael De Santa: Argh, really? Oww...

(The first follower punches Michael, knocking him out.)

Epsilon Program follower #1: Kifflom.

(The two followers then begin to lift Michael. The screen fades and Michael is next shown lying close to a black Bison in the Grand Senora Desert)

Cris Formage (through speakers): If you feel you have understood nothing, then you know everything. Come to Vinewood for the real truth. But first, that will be five hundred dollars, please. Kifflom be praised.