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Lure (GTA IV)

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== [[Walkthrough]] ==
[[Francis McReary|Francis]] greets [[Niko Bellic|Niko]] angrily by the fountain. He explains that although [[Clarence Little]] has had his fate, Little's right hand man is threating to talk the cops about McReary. Francis threats to expose Niko's deeds to the feds if he is busted, Niko doesnt careis still not killing him. Francis then pays and , so Niko agrees to take out Little's man.
After the [[cutscene]], hail a [[taxi]] or drive to the [[Feltzer]] in a parking lot across [[Algonquin|town]]. Your sniper rifle ammo will rise once you hop in. Drive to the building nearby with the sports car. Park the car and as per Francis' instructions, climb the building on the opposite side of the street. At the roof, a [[cutscene]] shows Little's right hand man watching TV, however he is not seen from the scope of the rifle. It's time to lure the man to the window somehow.
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