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Endings in GTA V

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[[Grand Theft Auto V]] has three discrete endings. Towards the end of the game, [[Franklin Clinton]] is forced to assassinate either [[Trevor Philips]] for [[Federal Investigation Bureau|FIB]] Agents [[Steve Haines]] and [[Dave Norton]] or [[Michael De Santa]] for [[Devin Weston]]. Alternatively, Franklin can choose to save both and eliminate his, Michael's, and Trevor's enemies once and for all. Once the player successfully completes one of the three endings, the remaining two are unlocked for replay to attempt to obtain gold medal completionin the "Replay Mission" menu.
==The lead up==
;[[Lamar Down]]
After rescuing [[Lamar Davis]] from the Paleto Bay sawmill and dropping him off at his house, Agents Haines and Norton show up, telling Franklin that he has to assassinate Trevor. Agent Haines originally wanted to kill all three; however, Agent Norton convinces him that Franklin and Michael are not the problem and should be spared. Franklin asks why they can't get Michael to kill Trevor, and Agent Norton tells Franklin that Michael can't do it, and Trevor won't let allow him.
;After [[The Big Score (GTA V)|The Big Score]]
Sometime after the Union Depository heist, Devin Weston shows up at Franklin's house, telling him that he wants Michael assassinated for ruining several of his business ventures and killing his legal counsel [[Molly Schultz]]. Weston also states that Michael has betrayed everyone he's ever known and got Franklin involved with the Federal federal government. Franklin states that Weston hasn't paid him for stealing the cars and Agents Haines and Norton the FIB already wants him to assassinate Trevor and cannot kill both; however, Weston says it doesn't matter, claiming that he has the clout to end the careers of both of their careersHaines and Norton.
After Weston leaves, Franklin has to make his decision.
== Option A: Killing Kill Trevor ==
{{main|Something Sensible}}
If Franklin decides to kill Trevor, he calls Trevor to meet him in [[El Burro Heights]]. Before meeting with Trevor, Franklin calls Michael for his assistance. When Franklin and Trevor meet, Franklin draws his gun against Trevor, causing him to call Franklin a Judas traitor like Michael. Franklin then gives chase to Trevor, eventually ending up at the oil fields, where Michael rams his car into Trevor's pickup, where it crashes into an oil tanker. Franklin then shoots the leaking oil, which ignites and burns Trevor to death. After killing Trevor, Michael and Franklin go their separate ways.
== Option B: Killing Kill Michael ==
{{main|The Time's Come}}
{{main|The Third Way}}
If Franklin decides chooses to defy both Haines and Weston, he contacts [[Lester Crest]] on how to handle the situation. Lester contacts Haines and Weston, telling them that the bullion from the Union Depository heist is being smelted at the foundry in [[Murrietta Heights]]. Franklin has Michael and Trevor meet him and Lamar at the foundry to ambush the FIB and Merryweather mercenaries. After wiping out the FIB and Merryweather, Franklin has Lester to track down the whereabouts of Haines, Weston, [[Wei Cheng]], and [[Harold Joseph|Harold "Stretch" Joseph]], finding all but Weston. Trevor takes Haines, who is at the [[Del Perro Pier]] filming his [[The Underbelly of Paradise|TV show]], Franklin takes Cheng, who is at a club in [[Pacific Bluffs]], and Michael takes Stretch, who is at the [[B.J. Smith Recreation Center]]. After eliminating Haines, Cheng and Stretch, Lester finds Weston at his estate, surrounded by Merryweather mercenaries. Trevor eliminates wipes out Weston's guards and kidnaps Weston, putting him in trunk of his car. Trevor drives to Paleto Bay to wait for Michael and Franklin to show up. The three push Weston's car into the ocean and then go their separate ways.

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