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Michelle Cannes

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[[Image:Michelle Cannes.jpg|right|140px|thumb|Michelle Cannes]]
[[Image:Michelle's_Auto_Repair.jpg|thumb|200px|Michelle's Home]]
'''Michelle Cannes''' is one of six [[Girlfriends in GTA San Andreas|girls]] in [[Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas]] that you the player can engage a relationship with. She is voiced by [[Vanessa Aspillaga]].
Michelle is a mechanic and can be found at the water cooler inside the [[Driving School|driving school]] in [[Doherty]], [[San Fierro]]. She will not be in the driving school all of the time. She randomly spawn's when you enter through the front door, so if she isn't there, just exit and enter the front door of the driving school until she is. If she still doesn't appear, then you should leave the area and let some game time pass, and then try again. Michelle likes prefers obese men, so spend some time eating fatty foods at the different fast food chains or hot dog stands before asking her out. She lives in the far northern part of pf [[Downtown San Fierro|Downtown]], [[San Fierro]] at [[Michelle’s Auto Repair|her garage]]. She is usually there between 00:00 to 12:00after the player meets and accepts her at the driving school.
===Food date===
She likes bars, so take her to one of those. There is [[Misty's|one]] in [[Garcia]], San Fierro that is pretty easy to get to, and it isn't terribly far away.
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