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A couple of things maybe worth mentioning, if anybody else has encountered them. One time doing this, I got pinned down by the chopper before I could spot it and by the time I took it down had less than 1/4 my health. I jumped over the ledge of the first roof on the side (to the right of the way you're suppose to go) and survived the fall. I was told to leave the area, but was instantly killed by an explosive. I didn't think I would normally have survived that fall, especially with such little health left. I decided to see if, with full health, I could survive a jump. There is a construction covering/awning on the side opposite the intended path, but died every time I tried it, even though it seemed survivable. Anybody else seen this? Is it programmed to automatically kill Luis if he jumps, and was there a glitch that allowed me to survive the first time? Hugo Stiglitz 01:32, December 28, 2009 (UTC)