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The last line under the Performance heading reads: "The GTA IV Perennial is moderately fast for an MPV..." I'm assuming MPV stands for Multi-Passenger Vehicle, but I may be wrong. I think this needs to be's a little cryptic. Thoughts? EganioTalk 23:45, 28 June 2008 (UTC)

Not quite. An MPV is a Multi-Purpose Vehicle - essentially a big family car. I suppose its the British version of an SUV (which is a word we never use). Feel free to alter it to make more sense to yanks. Gboyers talk 00:56, 29 June 2008 (UTC)
Ah, thank you. Please forgive my yank ignorance! ;-) I just wanted to make sure it was a commonly used term. I'm not going to add SUV because I never found the term useful in any context. But if someone else wants to add it, I won't complain. EganioTalk 01:17, 29 June 2008 (UTC)

MPV converts to Minivan in the US, see: MPV wikipedia. Though the term has been used in the past here, Mazda even had a minivan called "MPV" at one point. They are all basically the same thing, station wagon goes to van, goes to SUV, goes to crossover... only real difference is ride height. Whatever term sells them to the public best in any given year. --NssJ 06:39, 24 October 2011 (BST)

Spawn Chart

(Feel free to bump this down if more pertinent topics for discussion here arise) I'm doing this here, because A, I dont think theres any die hard perennial fans who need this space for important discussion, and B, cause a lot of the rare cars I wanted to find, show up while driving a Perennial.

The following table is All the vehicles that spawned throughout the course of 1 week. Sitting in a Perennial under the boardwalk highway overpass in Santa Maria Beach, LS. Vehicles are listed in the order they were seen through each day, duplicates were not added to a days list. No specific times were recorded. Car and location solid, only variable was time and passing of days. Links for vehicles wont be used to save time and space, also, any important sightings will have the specific info on that vehicles locations section.
I plan on doing the perennial again elsewhere, and 1 or 2 other vehicles in the same locations. certain things should start to pop out. Im guessing some vehicles will spawn in some places regardless what you're driving. Rare ones may end up being based only on vehicle driven, or only on day, regardless vehicle... things like that. I don't expect any help, its a long process to sit for 3 hours doing this, but I hope to make it easier to find any car in the game within no time. If this gets in the way here, I can make a Sandbox2 page with no links to it just to store this data til i have something useful...
--NssJ 05:39, 20 October 2011 (BST)
Day Spawned from Perennial parked in Santa Maria Beach, LS
Sunday Yosemite, Taxi, Virgo, Primo, Sadler, Club, Willard, Stretch, Cabbie, Coach, Esperanto, Flash, Sultan, Clover, Buffalo, Oceanic, Hermes, Faggio, Bravura, Sunrise, MR Whoopee, Glendale, Voodoo, Mesa, Washington, Cadrona, Landstalker, PCJ-600, Vincent, BF-400, Solair, Greenwood, Previon, Elegant, Bobcat
Monday Stallion, Club, Cabbie, Bobcat, Sadler, Clover, Picador, Greenwood, Primo, Bravura, Esperanto, Perennial, Buffalo, Tahoma, Willard, Blade, Moonbeam, Blade, Stretch, Cadrona, Saber, Taxi, Solair, Oceanic, Washington, Sultan, Virgo, Regina, Vincent,
Tuesday Cabbie, Perennial, Stretch, Buffalo, Blade, Sultan, Clover, Moonbeam, Picador, Hermes, Taxi, Flash, Coach, Virgo, Club, Esperanto, Cadrona, Willard, Saber, Yosemite, Oceanic, Previon, Sunrise, MR Whoopee, Elegant, Faggio, Fortune, Blista Compact, Nebula, Stratum, BF-400, Bobcat, Bravura, Washington, Solair, Intruder,
Wednesday Intruder, Saber, Greenwood, Flash, Sultan, Tahoma, Cabbie, Taxi, Coach, Stretch, Willard, Police Car, Moonbeam, Perennial, Savanna, Club, Blade, Clover, Landstalker, Glendale, Mesa, Previon, MR whoopee 846am, Oceanic, MR Whoopee 927am, Solair, Sunrise, Cadrona, PCJ 600, Washington, Faggio, Fortune, BF-400, Bravura, BF Injection, Admiral, Mesa, Elegant, Nebula, Emperor, Vincent, Voodoo, Buffalo, Sadler, Regina,
Thursday Voodoo, BF Injection, Yosemite, Glendale, Mesa, Oceanic, Faggio, Bravura, Washington, Landstalker, MR Whoopee, Fortune, PCJ 600, Cabbie, Taxi, Previon, Sunrise, Cadrona, Nebula, Esperanto, Club, Coach, Virgo, Tahoma, Camper, Stretch, Vincent,
Friday Nebula, Cabbie, Esperanto, Stretch, Coach, Yosemite, Clover, Primo, Blade, Sultan, Club, Sadler, Picador, Perennial, Willard, Bravura, Greenwood, Admiral, Cadrona, Solair, Blista Compact, Oceanic, Elegant, Voodoo, BF-400, PCJ 600, BF Injection, Landstalker, Glendale, Faggio, Washington, Mesa, MR Whoopee, Sultan, Stretch, Sadler, Buffalo, Emperor, Picador, Blade,, Virgo, Esperanto, Regina,
Saturday Golf, Intruder, Flash, Tahoma, Sultan, Savanna, BF Injection, Cabbie, Taxi, Yosemite, Bravura, Washington, Cadrona, MR Whoopee, Fortune, Bobcat, Nebula, Solair, Glendale, Elegant, PCJ 600, Stratum, Oceanic, Faggio, Blista Compact, BF Injection, Sunrise, Mesa, Camper, Buffalo, Stretch, Virgo, Primo, Sadler, Flash