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This is the most tremendously fucked up article I have EVER seen on ANY Wikia site. It is so absurdly incorrect it's not even funny, and I normally find such grievous errors rather amusing. Shadow is NOT the side mission given by Real Badman; it is a REAL mission given by Badman and Little Jacob at the latter's home in Schottler, and involves following a drug dealer to his supplier, not killing some Russian gangsters. What idiot wrote this article?

Calm down!Firstly please don't curse!Second,if it is incorrect you can edit.Lastly please do not refer to other users as idiots or any other term like this.Thank you!-User:BloodyGTA

Oh, quit your crying. We're all adults, here.

I was not crying.In fact it was quite the opposit you started complaining about a page you yourself could have edit.I was trying to help.-User:BloodyGTA