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Niko Bellic entering Little Jacob's apartment.

Niko Bellic entering Little Jacob's apartment.
For Little Jacob
Location Dillon St in Schottler, Broker
Reward $250
Unlocks Russian Revolution
Unlocked by Do You Have Protection? and Concrete Jungle

Shadow is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Rastafarian Little Jacob from his apartment on Dillon St in the Schottler district of Broker, Liberty City.


As Niko enters Jacob's apartment, he gets a surprise introduction to Badman by being pinned down by him, threatened with a box cutter. Jacob assures Badman that Niko is friendly. Jacob explains that there are dealers dealing drugs in their turf and they are not getting any profits from them. Badman wants Niko to head to Wallkill Avenue in Fortside and follow a dealer to the supplier. Niko follows the dealer as he heads back for more product to sell. Niko can quietly tail him without being seen, or he can initiate a on foot chase in which will cause a series of events by the dealer such as running and stepping over a group of tramps, angering them and making them chase the player and the dealer, knocking a stack of crates to stop the player, knocked but not runned over by a car, and throwing a hooker from the top of the stairs. When Niko reaches the dealers apartment, no matter how he does it, the door will be locked and Niko will have to shoot the lock. There are three men in the apartment that must be taken down. When the job is done, Niko will call Jacob to inform him that the competition is finished.


The reward for completing this mission is $250. The mission Russian Revolution is unlocked.

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