The Audition

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The Audition
Lance Vance, in his hotel room, talking to Victor Vance

Lance Vance, in his hotel room, talking to Victor Vance
Game GTA Vice City Stories
For Lance Vance
Target Bryan Forbes' car
Location Downtown, Vice City
Reward $750
Unlocks Money for Nothing
Unlocked by Hose the Hoes

The Audition is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories given to protagonist Victor Vance by his brother Lance Vance from his hotel room in Downtown, Vice City.


Lance has found a new "player" who will inform him about any drug shipments sealing to the city. Victor drops-by while Lance is still talking on the phone. After a brief argument, the two drive to the King Knut's Burger bar where Lance calls his friend, Forbes, just as a couple of robbers arrive in the store shooting at everyone inside. The police arrive outside while Victor kills all the robbers. After the Vance brothers go outside the cops mistake them for being the robbers and they get away and get to Port Authority Building, jumping on a ramp to the impound yard where Forbes' car is hidden. After saving the Sentinel belonging to Forbes, Lance drives away and thanks Victor, who is angry.


(Victor and Lance at the hotel.)

Lance Vance: I am Lance Vance, baby. You can trust me. Lance T. Vance - 'T' for Trust. Great. Yeah, love. I love you, man! No, not in a funny way. Yeah. A'ight. Ciao.

Victor Vance: What was that?

Lance Vance: Nothing.

Victor Vance: Didn't sound like nothing.

Lance Vance: Vic, look at me - it was nothing.

Victor Vance: And you look at me - what was that about?

Lance Vance: You'll thank me.

Victor Vance: Like I haven't heard that before. What have you done?

Lance Vance: I found a way in; two kids, broken home, no education, no father...

Victor Vance: What?

Lance Vance: ...and rich as shit. It's the American dream, baby! Pete with good medical treatment.

Victor Vance: Look, we're not kids.

Lance Vance: We're young at heart. Listen, I met a big player, and we'll get big money for doing absolutely nothing...

Victor Vance: This better not be drugs.

Lance Vance: We won't be touching no drugs, man. Come on. You know, I'm your brother. You can trust me.

(Victor and Lance run outside)

Victor Vance: So who is this "player"?

Lance Vance: My man's name is Forbes. He's gonna call us at the burger bar any minute now, so let's get down there pronto.

(Victor and Lance inside the burger bar, two robbers.)

Lance Vance: So merchandise is hidden in the car's side panels? Ah, yeah... No problem. OK, we're gonna pick up Forbes' car.

Victor Vance: That's it? No drugs? Some "player".

Lance Vance: Man, give me a break! There's no winning with you. Aw, shit! You've gotta be kidding me.

Robber: OK, nobody move! Come on! Hands where I can see 'em! Do it! I said nobody fucking move!

Lance Vance: Vic, come on!

(Lance and Vic get outside but surrounded by cops.)

Lance Vance: Man, that's just typical! They think we did it? This is bullshit!

(Victor and Lance arrive at Port Authority Building)

Lance Vance: Forbes' car is in the impound yard.

Victor Vance: So what are we doing here?

Lance Vance: We're going in the back door. Come on, let's get the car out of here.

Victor Vance: I don't get it. How is stealing one dumb car gonna make us rich?

Lance Vance: I've got everything covered, man.

Victor Vance: Are there drugs hidden in the car?

Lance Vance: Just chill, man... Be cool.

(Victor and Lance drive over a ramp and exist the impound yard)

Lance Vance: Great driving, Vic. But, um... it's best if I take it from here.

Victor Vance: Hey, hey, what're you doing?

Lance Vance: Forbes doesn't know you, man. He wouldn't trust you. See ya later, baby.

Victor Vance: Lance! You asshole!


The reward for completing the mission is $750 and the mission Money for Nothing is unlocked.


  • This marks the only time you can enter a King Knuts Burger Bar. It can only be entered outside the mission either by mods, trainers or glitches.

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