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The following are dialog and mission scripts as seen during "The Made Man" in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Toni... it's all happening today! I'm gonna be a 'Made Man', me!

Toni Cipriani: JD, the untouchable? God help us all!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: I've waited a long time for this... It never woulda' happened without you Toni.

Toni Cipriani: Hey! I'm crying over here! Come on!

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey Mickey! How you doing?

Mickey Hamfists: The ceremony's in Harwood.

(Toni, JD and Mickey begin to drive to Harwood)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: This is great! I slaved for the Sindaccos for years and nothing! Those bastards kept me down just 'cause of a little Irish blood in my veins. But Salvatore, god bless him, he don't let a little thing like that get in the way. Toni, man, you've got to chill out. Ah, Toni, I tell ya! I can't believe this is happening. Finally, huh Toni? To be a 'made man'.

(The trio arrive at the spot)

Joseph Daniel O'Toole: Hey, are we there? Where's Salvatore? Toni, the first drink's on me...

(Mickey shoots JD, killing him)

Mickey Hamfists: Hey, the guy was a FUCKING RAT! He screwed over his own boss! Disgrazia'. Salvatore could never have trusted that mother fucker. Dump the fucking car in the river. You can drop me off on the way. If the cops see the car like this, they'll pull us over for sure!

(Toni drives to Mickey's home)

Mickey Hamfists: I'm getting the hell outta here!

(Or If they arrive at the house without a wanted Level)

Mickey Hamfists: Remember. Dump the car in the river.

(Toni dumps the car in the river)