The Thunder is a vehicle manufactured by Maibatsu Corporation and mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's radio stations.


Unlike other Maibatsu counterparts, very little is known about the Thunder, as its sole advertisement simply consists of empty sloganeering (accompanied by a woman whispering occasional innuendo) with only a brief mention of the car's features and technical details, vaguely implying a questionably powerful engine ("the power of a compact").

The script of the advertisement is as follows:

Knights of the road, here's your stallion!
The car for freedom (Freedom)
The car for hot excitement! (Excitement)
The car for a man who is alone against the elements (The Maibatsu Thunder)
The pride is back
It's the power of a compact! (Looks small, but it's so big!)
Fuel injected (Inject me)
Maibatsu Thunder
On the toll road of life, you have to pay to prove you can.
Live the emotion of an individual. (Thunder)
The awesome power of nature, distilled into one vehicle (Wow)
Because after you get struck by lighting... there's Thunder (The Maibatsu Thunder)

Typical to Maibatsu vehicles prior to Grand Theft Auto IV, the Thunder is only featured in advertising, mainly on radio stations, but not on the road.

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