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Evacuator movie poster

Evacuator is a 1984 film starring Jack Howitzer produced by Partial Pictures and was featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The film was followed by two sequels: Exploder: Evacuator Part II (1986) and Special Needs Cop (1992). It's the first film of the Evacuator Trilogy and was rated RP (for "Really Patriotic").


The plot centers around Tim (played by Jack Howitzer), a mentally unstable ex-Marine who is suffering from flashbacks of his time in the Vietnam War, including torching villages and raping school girls. At some point Tim is recruited by the US Government to rescue prisoners of war still being held captive in Vietnam due to the liberals turning their back on the veterans. Tim teams up with old friends Ho Chi and Wandering Hands (Asian and Native American stereotypes, respectively) to return to Vietnam and rescue the prisoners, and kill Communist Vietnamese soldiers.


A large amount of products were released with the movie, including action figures and playsets of the characters featured in the film. There is also Evacuator themed childrens underwear marketed by Little Lacy Surprise.


"GOODNIGHT, BITCHES!! I'LL KILL HIM BEFORE HE SCREAMS!!" - Tim while shooting Vietnamese soldiers.

"After I torched those villages and raped those school girls, I just can't seem to get those images out of my head! - Tim experiencing flashbacks.

"What do you smell, Wandering Hands?"

"Hmm. Smell fear."

"Good. Let's arm-wrestle"

"That be different film."

"Okay. Let's kill some commies!"

"Hmm. Me find Vietnamese squaw" - Tim and Wandering Hands.

"He's wrestling the chopper down! Shoot him!"

"I'm an American, and you're not! SO FUCKIN' DIE!!"

"Aah, he's too strong!" - Vietnamese soldier and Tim.


  • This film seems to be a spoof of Sylvester Stallone films Rambo: First Blood and Rambo: First Blood Part II, due to similar plotlines.
  • Wandering Hands' fate in this film is not made clear in the trailer like Ho Chi's would be in the sequel's featured trailer, and therefor it's ultimately unknown if he lives or dies.
  • Although GTA Vice City Stories confirms that the film was released in 1984, Kent Paul's GTA Vice City teaser site claims it was released in 1982.