True Grime Street Cleaners

The billboard.

True Grime Street Cleaners is a sanitation and garbage removal business which is advertised in billboards around the state of San Andreas. Its slogan is "Get rid of old rubbish, fast!", and its name is a parody of the GTA clone game True Crime: Streets of LA. It may be a reference to the term that police officers (the player character in True Crime: Streets of LA, Nick Kang, is a detective with the LAPD) are occasionally referred to as "garbage men with badges".


  • As further mockery of the True Crime series, typing in the cheat code "TRUEGRIME" on the PC version of GTA San Andreas will spawn a Trashmaster on imput.
  • Because typing in the cheat code "TRUEGRIME" spawns a Trashmaster, it is presumed that True Grime Street Cleaners run and organise the Trashmasters.
  • This is one of the two Easter Eggs placed to mock the True Crime series, the other one is the mission Autocide, where one of the gangsters that are to be killed by Tommy is called Nick Kong, a parody and mockery of Nick Kang.