Police Cruiser

Police Cruiser
An LCPD Police Cruiser in GTA IV.
An LCPD Police Cruiser in GTA IV.
(Rear quarter view)
An LCPD Police Cruiser in GTA IV.
Appearance(s) GTA IV
The Lost and Damned
The Ballad of Gay Tony
Vehicle type Law enforcement car
Body style 4-door sedan
Capacity 4 (driver and 3 passengers)
Manufacturer Vapid

The Vapid Police Cruiser is one of the two main police cars used by the Liberty City Police Department in Grand Theft Auto IV, the other being the Police Patrol. The Police Cruiser also refers to a Buffalo-based LCPD police car featured in The Ballad of Gay Tony (see #The Ballad of Gay Tony). The Police Cruiser reappears in Grand Theft Auto V.



Like the Police Patrol, the Police Cruiser can be found at almost any LCPD station, and is dressed in LCPD livery (based on that of the NYPD); the Police Cruiser's chassis is the Vapid Stanier, which also forms the base of the NOOSE Cruiser and some Taxis. The car also comes equipped with a police computer.

The Police Cruiser is an amalgamation of various Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptors, thus probably powered by a tuned V8. Its taillights are similar to those of a 1992-1994 model; the chassis, including: windows, headlights (however upside down, similar to a 1992-1997 Mercury Grand Marquis), and front and rear bumpers resemble those of the 1992-1997 models; and the grille and hood look like those of 1998 and later models. The dashboard instrument cluster is unlike the Ford product, consisting of a tachometer, speedometer, fuel gauge, and temperature gauge rather than the Crown Victoria's central speedometer and gauges for fuel, temperature, oil pressure, and volts.

The Police Cruiser does not appear as a drivable car in GTA Chinatown Wars (as the Police Patrol is the only police car in the game), but does occasionally surface as an aesthetic element of "busted" sequences, when a pre-rendered depiction of a modified Police Cruiser may be seen.


The Police Cruiser's high- performance V8 (Which real life variant is Ford's Police Interceptor V-8 engine) produces an impressive amount of torque off the line, and accelerates well. It has a low rev limit, which can be felt at higher RPMs. Also, the engine feels as if it runs out of steam before the transmission switches gear. It has a higher top speed than the Police Patrol, its Declasse-branded competitor, but will not get there faster than the FIB Buffalo, the latest Bravado offering.

The car's weakness lies in its poor suspension, as the car experiences incredible amounts of body roll and has a tendency to oversteer off throttle. Stability is average at high speeds, but due to its very soft suspension the car does wallow and float about quite a bit. The car does appear to have some decent tires on it, however, which does help with improving the handling quality, if only just a bit.

Crash deformation is also average, and the suspension does not take very long to start meandering one way or the other. The engine is not fragile, but is certainly not the toughest to destroy in the game, although it fares better than the "Buffalo" Police Cruiser.

The Ballad of Gay Tony

Buffalo-variant Police Cruiser

See also: Police Buffalo
A "Buffalo" Police Cruiser in The Ballad of Gay Tony's Free Mode.

In the multiplayer mode of The Ballad of Gay Tony, there exists a Police Buffalo which is also named the "Police Cruiser". Based on a Dodge Charger Police Package, it is a police variant of the Bravado Buffalo comparable to the FIB Buffalo.

"policew" Police Cruiser

A "policew" Police Cruiser in The Ballad of Gay Tony (Rear quarter view).

Another variant of the Police Cruiser in TBOGT, internally named "policew", oddly exists as a completely wrecked but drivable version of the GTA IV Police Cruiser, primarily used in the opening cutscene of TBOGT. Depicted with a completely charred bodywork, the policew has no siren, non-functional lights and no radio, and emits a horn sounding like that of the Brickade's. Also, when the player has a wanted level and is escaping in a policew, the scanner refers it to as a "gray Bravado sedan", despite normal Police Cruisers being made by Vapid.

Despite being a wreck, the policew is still vulnerable to damage from collisions and weapons. The vehicle however still has well above average performance, one nearly of that comparable to the Buffalo Police Cruiser, instead of the regular performance as found in its un-wrecked Vapid counterpart. It has the motor sound of that found in the Buffalo Police Cruiser, and its acceleration is the equivalent, along with top speed, and handling. The physical motor acts as if nothing is wrong with it, and runs as healthy as any good motor.

Aside mods or hacking, the policew is otherwise unobtainable in the game. The car is regarded as a conventional traffic vehicle, and as a result, may also spawn in traffic if the player is driving a policew themselves.


In GTA V, the LSPD uses three distinct models for their Police Cruisers, two of which are manufactured by Vapid and the third by Bravado.

Vapid Stanier-based model

The LSPD version of Stanier Police Cruiser commonly spawns at police stations, rarely spawns in traffic near police stations and is almost never seen in pursuits. The livery of the LSPD Stanier matches the real life LAPD livery. The Stanier model is more common in rural areas of San Andreas, where it is the only sedan model used by the Los Santos County and Blaine County Sheriff Departments. A third variant of the Stanier-based Cruiser is an unmarked version, which has its lightbars hidden in the upper part of the windscreens.

Unnamed Vapid model

The newer Vapid model is based on the 2013-present Ford Taurus Police Interceptor with the rear influenced from the Australian 2008-2014 Ford Falcon. This model of the Police Cruiser uses generic livery, with only LSPD bumper stickers on its back bumper. It is the vehicle usually encountered in pursuits while inside the Los Santos city limits. This version rarely spawns at police stations. Unlike the Stanier, Buffalo, and Granger, there is no civilian counterpart of this sedan.

Bravado Buffalo-based model
See also: Police Buffalo

The Buffalo Police Cruiser is the rarest variant. Similar to the unnamed Vapid sedan model, the Buffalo model uses generic police livery; however, the LSPD badge is also present on the hood.


  • Like other emergency vehicles with roof-mounted lightbars in GTA IV, the Police Cruiser's siren will malfunction by wailing in random, distorted pitches if the strobe light housing is significantly damaged by gunfire, falling objects, or rolling of the vehicle. The second and third sirens noises are also disabled, leaving the car with only the malfunctioning siren noise.
    • A bug exists where in GTA IV a fixed police car can be driven with a distorted siren, requiring the "repair car cheat", or, in multiplayer, a health kit. However, if the player turns off the siren while it is like this, then turns it back on, it will return to normal.
  • In GTA IV multiplayer, the Police Cruiser, Enforcer, and the Annihilator are the only vehicles used by law enforcement, regardless of one's Wanted level.
  • On the GTA IV DVD case, a Police Cruiser can be seen. However, the Police Cruiser on the case has the headlights and front bumper of a 1998–present era Crown Victoria, when compared to the in-game model. Two sets of red grille lights are also seen, when compared to the in-game model.
  • In multiplayer, the Police Cruiser has a normal radio; the same applies to all other emergency vehicles, and the Securicar.