Tunnel of Death/Script

The following is a script of the mission "Tunnel of Death" in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Derrick: Alright, boy?

Niko: Yes... good.

Derrick: How do you do it? I went into a situation full of optimism, full of naivete... I got burnt. Look at me... like smack on a fucking spoon.

Niko: Well...

Derrick: How do you manage?

Niko: I don't know that I got off so lightly.

Derrick: We all got our demons... Aiden O'Malley.

Niko: What about Aiden O'Malley?

Derrick: I heard he's being moved. Maybe this is our time... put all this crap to bed... get off the drugs... live with the memories! Aiden's being moved by van from the bacon factory, where he's been talking shit about me, back to the Alderney State Correctional Facility. Please, Niko, boy... just this last one... please?

Niko: Sure, Derrick.

Derrick: You and me, we're the same. The same. The, the same... we're the same...


(Patrick calls Niko)

Patrick: Niko, I hear my brother Derrick is asking you to ice his old drinking buddy, Aiden O'Malley?

Niko: Yeah, he has, what's the big deal?

Patrick: O'Malley is in government custody. He's got more police protection that the mayor. I left a truck with a rocket launcher in it for ya in an alley, off of Applewhite in Alderney City.

Niko: A truck with a rocket launcher in it? What am I meant to do with them?

Patrick: Who knows? Anyway, the convoy with O'Malley in it has to go through the Booth Tunnel. You're gonna get there first and block the road with your truck. I'm gonna come in from the rear and block 'em that way. Pick up the truck and gimme a call.

(Niko gets the truck and calls Patrick)

Niko: Alright, I've got the truck.

Patrick: When we have them blocked in, we take down the escort and make off with the prisoner.

Niko: Why don't we just kill the fucker there and then?

Patrick: That's probably what Derrick would have told you to do in his smacked out state. Problem is, he's the first one they'd talk to if that happened. We got to make this look like a prison break. Great. They're leaving the old cop show now, should be at the Booth Tunnel soon.

(Niko goes to the tunnel and blocks the convoy's route and calls Patrick)

Niko: I'm in position, Packie.

Patrick: Alright, man. We're coming to ya. Take out the escort but keep Derrick's pal alive.

(The convoy drives through the tunnel and sees Niko's truck)

LCPD: What's this jerk think he's doin'? Hey Mitch, can you find out what this guy's up to?

(An LCPD officer walks up to the truck)

LCPD: Come on, buddy you're going to have to move this thing.


LCPD: Hey Buddy, get this thing outta the road, will you?

LCPD: Hey buddy, we're gonna need you to move this thing.

(If Niko stalls)

LCPD: I think we might have a problem here.


LCPD: I got a bad feeling about this.

Patrick: Get rid of the escort, Niko. Come on.

Patrick: Come on, Niko. Take 'em down.

Patrick: Go, Niko, go! Get these fuckers!

LCPD: They're making a play for the prisoner. Defend the stockade.

LCPD: They're trying to break 'em out.

LCPD: Defend the prisoner! Defend the prisoner!

(Patrick and Niko begin fighting the LCPD and NOOSE)

Patrick: I ain't gonna be around much longer at this rate. Fucking help me!

Patrick: Alright man, get these guys, will ya?

Patrick: Bring them down, Niko.

Patrick: Clear the area for us, Niko.

Patrick: Fuck, boys. I ain't doing too good over here.

Patrick: Fucking get rid of these guys, Niko.

Patrick: I'm getting screwed here, boys.

Patrick: I need you to clear the area for us, Niko.

Patrick: Niko, those guys is yours.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. They're all over me.

Patrick: Shit, Niko. Will you handle these boys?

Patrick: Take them guys down, Niko.

Patrick: This ain't my idea of fun, boys. Would ya give me a hand?

LCPD: Don't let them get this perp outta here.

LCPD: We ain't letting this one get away.

LCPD: They ain't gonna break this perp out on our watch.

(They kill the escort)

Patrick: Alright, Niko. You're driving the van.

Patrick: Drive the van, Niko. I'll handle the prisoner.

Patrick: You drive while I watch our cargo, Niko.

(Niko and Patrick gets in the Stockade)

Patrick: Shake these cops, Niko. We need them to think Aiden is free as a fucking bird.


Patrick: We need to lose this heat before we can send this fucker where he's going.

Patrick: Get rid of this attention, Niko. We don't want anyone after us while we're doing what we gotta do.

Niko: Alright, alright. I'll try to lose these fucking cops.

(The three escape the police)

Niko: We need to lose this van, Packie. The cops'll be looking for it.


Niko: We got to ditch this truck. It don't exactly blend in.

Niko: Okay, man. First thing we gotta do is dump this prison van. Cops'll be looking.

(The three drive to a quite location)

Niko: Okay, there's a car.


Niko: Great, we got some transport.

Niko: You're not free yet, asshole. Get in that car!


Niko: Get in that vehicle, prisoner.

Patrick: Alright, Niko. Now that we lost 'em we gotta go out to the cliffs in Leftwood.


Patrick: Okay, it looks like we've lost them. Take us over to the cliffs in Leftwood.

Patrick: We've got rid of the unwanted attention. Now it's time for business. Get us to the cliffs in Leftwood.

(The three get in a car and Niko starts to drive to Leftwood)

Aiden: The cliffs of Leftwood them. Is there a boat coming or something? Where am I going?

Patrick: You're going to a faraway place, my friend.

Aiden: Damn right, somewhere the cops'll never find me.

Patrick: Nobody's going to find you where you're going, friend.

Aiden: Shit, I don't even know who sent you guys. Who do I got to thank for springing me from the joint?

Patrick: We're doing this on behalf of an old acquaintance of yours.

Aiden: I knew I wasn't forgotten about. I knew that no matter how long I rotted in there, people on the outside world still remember me.

Patrick: People remember you alright. You're at the front of certain people's minds.

Aiden: Well, who is it? Not Julia? She stopped writing and coming on visiting days but I could tell she was still thinking of me. I knew it.

Patrick: You'll find out who it was when we get there. In the mean time, shut the hell up buddy!

Aiden: Alright friend, thank you.

(The three arrive at the cliffs)

Patrick: Out you come, old boy.

Aiden: The cliffs... the sea air... I really am free. I could cry. You've made me a happy man, boys. Now it's time to tell me who asked you to do this.

Patrick: Derrick McReary? He's my brother.

Aiden: Derrick? But he ratted me out. He's the reason I ended up in that place to start with, the spineless...

Patrick: So you thought you'd talk about him? He's my brother, and guys like you are killin' him! Niko, get rid of dear old Aiden...

(or, if it is during a sunset)

Patrick: Name Derrick McReary ring any bells? He's my brother.

Aiden: Derrick? But he ratted me out. He's the reason I ended up in that place to start with, the spineless...

Patrick: So you thought you'd rat him out? This is the last sunset you're ever going to see. Enjoy it... Niko, send him packing.

(Patrick leaves)

Aiden: Shit, I thought I was out. I thought I was liberated.

Aiden: Fucking Derrick Mc-fucking-Reary.

Aiden: Derrick fucking set me up in the first place.

Aiden: Why? Why? Why, in God's name, why?

Aiden: I don't wan to die. I've been rotting in prison for years. I don't want to die.

Aiden: Please, I just want to be free.

Aiden: He's a rat. Derrick McReary. Always has been always will be.

(Niko kills Aiden)

Post mission phone call

Niko: Aiden is dead.

Derrick: That's the end of a chapter. I can close the book on a whole lot of my past now Niko. Thanks. Maybe a clean break is in order. A fresh beginning.

Niko: Good luck to you.

Post mission text message

Niko I need you to meet me on Castle Drive. - Francis

Failing the mission

Stockade destroyed

Patrick: Christ, we can't make him disappear now.

Aiden killed early

Patrick: The cops is gonna know it wasn't a prison break when they find Aiden. Shit. I'll call Derrick. Later on man, call me.

Niko: I'll see you soon Packie.

Unused dialogue

(Dialogue which isn't heard in-game)

Patrick: A damn fucking road block. This is gonna hurt.

Niko: A lot of people need a fresh start. I hope you make the most of yours.

Niko: Aiden is gone.

Patrick: Alright, Niko. Now that we lost 'em we gotta go out to the cliffs in Leftwood.

Niko: Are you dosed?

Niko: But it ain't like I'm going to put a weapon in his hand so I can pop him, is it? You do what you got to do.

Aiden: But you came, I do have friends. I do.

Aiden: Christ, someone knows. Someone cares about old Aiden O'Malley. I knew someone had to care.

Niko: Derrick, Packie is going to help me on this job. He's going to help me get Aiden O'Malley.

Niko: Disappear, prisoner. Your old life is over. It's time to start a new one.

Aiden: Don't think about it, man, he was a rat. I don't believe a word he said about Derrick. He's fish food.

Aiden: For the grace of God, all but for the grace of God I coulda died in there.

Aiden: Fuck me. Aiden O'Malley sprung from the joint. Wait until this gets around the yard.

Aiden: Fuck, the sea air. To inhale the sea air.

LCPD: Get away from the vehicle.

Patrick: Gimme a call sometime.

Niko: Good, because I couldn't catch the prison van.

Derrick: Good, good. Make him pay, Niko. Make him pay for the shit he's been talking.

LCPD: Hold tight, back up is on it's way.

Patrick: How does a decent criminal stand a chance of losing the cops when they send choppers after him?

Derrick: I can deal with anything.

Niko: I do not like to kill unarmed men.

Aiden: I don't think I coulda spent another night in the joint.

Niko: I hope you can deal with Aiden still being out there.

Aiden: I nearly gave up hoping. I nearly lost faith.

Aiden: I tell you, you go into them showers clean and you come out dirty. You catch my drift, son?

Aiden: I thank ya, boys. I thank ya with all me heart.

Aiden: I woulda done anything to get out.

Aiden: I'd been praying to be rescued since the first day they incarcerated me in that God forsaken place.

Derrick: I'm cool.

Patrick: Is that why you were in the cop shop? Trying to find another way out of the penal system?

Patrick: It's a surprise. Wait until we get to the cliffs. You'll find out then.

Aiden: It's about bloody time. I been in there doing a stretch I didn't deserve for too long.

Aiden: Just to be outta these clothes, to be able to get up when I want to get up and walk where I want to walk.

Patrick: Later on man, call me.

Aiden: Let alone eaten another prison meal or taken another fucking shower.

Patrick: Lose 'em before I lose my fucking mind, okay?

Niko: Lose the cops. I'll try to lose the fucking cops.

Aiden: not that stale shit they pump through the correctional facility air condition units.

Aiden: Now this is a piece of luck. Things are looking up. Looking up alright.

Aiden: Oh Jesus. You've come.

Niko: Okay, Derrick. I'll call you again when it's done.

Aiden: Or doing a kind turn for someone who's helped you out in the past. That's what this is about, isn't it?

Niko: Release the handbreak, Packie. We need to get rid of the van as well.

Patrick: Shit, the cops have got choppers in the sky. That's fucking cheating.

Patrick: Shit, they're sending fucking choppers after us.

Aiden: Shit. The Aryan Brotherhood are going to be pissed, that's for damn sure. Sprung.

Patrick: Someone who feels you should get what you deserve.

Patrick: Sure, it's about payback.

Aiden: Thank Christ, the Virgin and every damn saint who ever walked on God's green Earth for you guys.

Aiden: That wasn't about getting out, that was pay back.

Aiden: That's what I want, sea air. Thank you, boys. Thank you.

Aiden: The way I got treated in there by the warden, the screws, by every fucking inmate in the joint.

Aiden: The whiskey, the women, every fucking thing a free man takes for granted.

Patrick: They've blocked the road. Hold on.

Aiden: This is a fucking miracle. Shit, I'm free. I've imagined this day for years.

LCPD: This is our prisoner, you will not take him.

Patrick: Trust the LCP-fucking-D to block the damn road.

Patrick: We better split up so the cops don't make us for what went down in the tunnel.

LCPD: We will not lose a prisoner on my watch.

Patrick: Well, Derrick's going to be relieved. Thanks for doing that, Niko.

Patrick: Well, hurry up and do it already.

Aiden: Who fucking knows? Today is the first day of the rest of my life.

Aiden: Who is it then, who do I got to thank?

Aiden: Who knows where I'm heading but it ain't Alderney. Maybe I'll go west. Follow the setting sun.

Aiden: You boys have got to know about giving it back to someone as good as they gave it to you.

Aiden: You boys, you boys... who sent you?