User:Carl "CJ" Johnson/Daily Dude Damage

Note: The Daily Dude Damage series has officially ended.

Daily Dude Damage (2006-2011) was an extremely short-lived text-based Grand Theft Auto fan fiction series written by Zach Marsh aka User:Carl "CJ" Johnson. The premise of the series involed 3 male characters from the Grand Theft Auto series fighting it out amongst each other in a random area, with random weapons and at a random time to see who would come out on top. The series was negatively recieved, although a scant number of episodes were released.


The series had between five and ten episodes that were released, the combined text from all of these equal to less than half an episode of The Untold Stories. Eventually, focused on his main series, Marsh stopped writing episodes for the Daily Dude Damage series, in part because he found it to be a waste of time considering even he himself thought it was a "pathetic" series.

Aside from this, every single episode was unanimously panned, and after five years of a hiatus the series was officially cancelled on July 17, 2011, along with The Untold Stories and Lost Cause.