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Fluffy Clouds (MissingNoguy55)
Lives in northwestern Los Angeles
Hobbies YouTube, scripting in San Andreas
Also on Glitch City Laboratories
Hates Douchebags, hot weather, annoying neighbors, mean teachers


Hi! My name is Stephen.

About me

I'm a guy who stays with a schedule and doesn't like when something else comes up. I'm also a nice guy, if you're nice to me, that is.

I chose to come here to spread my knowledge of GTA, especially technical details about unobtainable vehicles and unique variants of obtainable vehicles, as well. GTA has been one of my favorite series since 2005. I gained knowledge by looking at this wiki, and it really did give me a lot of knowledge.

Honestly, San Andreas is my favorite game on the PC because you can do so much with it, actually. Scripting allows you to create more missions and other things that aren't possible. If you'd like to request a script from me, just say so and I can probably do it for you.