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Ello, I currently own all of the grand theft autos for PS2. My favourite is of course San Andreas, I currently own about 4 copies of the game, 1 for PS2, 1 second edition (PC), and 2 first edition (PC) copies for the SA-MP program. Right now I own a GTA4 PC game, except my graphics card can't handle it. For more about me please visit my RuneWiki Homepage at: Imdill3's Rune Wiki

My website:


On San Andreas multiplayer, my main name is Mike_Tompkins. I'm usualy seen more as Mr.Tompkins for non-roleplaying servers.

Favourite Things To Do

  1. Drive around
  2. Find easter eggs
  3. Explore the underworlds (Bluehell in San Andreas)
  4. Act like a cop
  5. Find and own unique cars. (Vice City/San Andreas)

My GTA Ranks

  1. GTA4 (Now to just get it to work :/)
  2. San Andreas
  3. Vice City
  4. Vice City Stories
  5. GTA Liberty City Stories
  6. GTA 3

Mission Status

  • Vice City - Completed without cheats.
  • Vice City Stories - Completed, To long to complete without cheats.
  • Liberty City (GTA3) - Starting on 2nd Island missions.
  • Liberty City Stories - Almost done, except for some reason Riot Mode is stuck...
  • San Andreas - Completed, Now freezes when doing missions.