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Real life

Hey there. My name is Rodrigo Medeiros and I am from the São Miguel Island, Azores which is a territory that belongs to Portugal Pt.png.

I am heavily interested in two computer aspects: gaming and webmastering, as I'm a semi-hardcore gamer and blogger, respectively.

As all teenagers, I'm in a high school - the school (building) is great as I wander around with my friends and meet new one, but you talk about school as classes, teachers... I hate it.

Gaming life (fictional)

Content in this section is entirely fictional and is based on a San Andreas Multiplayer server called THC Gang Wars.

Yo. Wassup? You talkin' to RodMedz (also know as Rodrigo "X" Medeiros).

I'm a loyal member of the Ballas, with mah friends Terry and Xeroo. Sometimes I do some stuff with the Aztecas and the Bikers.

Grove Street Families are my natural enemy. My favourite way of attacking them is by doing a driveby with two to four people (the most, the better) - my strategy in two-doored fast cars like the Turismo is to have one guy driving, another one with a SMG/Micro-SMG on the side and on the roof another one or two crouched with a rifle, SMG or Shotgun. I do the same with heavy cars like the Ambulance and in four-doored cars all members are inside.

When someone messes up with me, they shall expect me and my homies messing up with their turf over and over until they quit.

I'm not against alliances. I actually like them. I normally form Ballas alliances with anyone but the most hated gang there: Groove Street.


These are the games I own and respectively have for each platform. They are ordered by date of release.

My favourite one is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, for both PS2 and PC - it is the most epic GTA game until today!


As a user of this great wiki, my goals are simple:

  • Edit misspellings (some call me a grammar nazi).
  • Correct and create.
  • Create new templates.
  • Upload new files.

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