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My Games

Grand Theft Auto

Other Rockstar Games

My Mods

You can download my mods at the downloads section on my website or at GTAGarage as gtavice101.


  • GTA3 Skins Pack 1

GTA Vice City

  • Vice City Skins Pack 1
  • Vice City Real Place Names

GTA San Andreas

  • San Andreas Real Place Names (formerly, Terminal Island)
  • Drive, Drive, Drive (formerly, San Andreas Test Drive) (San Andreas DYOM Mission Pack)
  • RC Cam on Grove Street (CLEO3 Script)
  • BF-400 on Grove Street (CLEO3 Script)
  • Super GT on Grove Street (CLEO3 Script)
  • NRG-500 on Grove Street (CLEO3 Script)
  • Coach on Grove Street (CLEO3 Script)
  • Liberty and Vice (GTA United DYOM Mission Pack)


  • 100% Save Game
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  • Correct mispellings.
  • Add walkthrough videos for missions in the GTA III game (iOS), GTA IV Era and some side-missions.
  • Remove incorrect information.
  • Add photos for missions in GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas.
  • Remove dead links.
  • Add cheats for GTA Advance.