Vice City Cabs

Vice City Cabs
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Taxi firm
Mission appearance(s) V.I.P.
Friendly Rivalry

Vice City Cabs is a taxi company based in Vice City in 1986. The Vice City Cabs are big rivals of Kaufman Cabs and Mean Street Taxis. The location of the taxi company is unknown but is said to be somewhere in Vice City. They are bigger than Kaufman Cabs, having more taxis[1] and eventually trying to kill Tommy Vercetti (owner of Kaufman Cabs) during the Cabmaggedon mission. Despite them being bigger, they have no cab depot situated in Vice City.

Events of GTA Vice City

In 1986, the setting of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Vice City Cabs were the biggest taxi company/firm in Vice City. The company continued to dominate the taxi scene in the city despite competition from Kaufman Cabs and Mean Street Taxis. The company, however, began to suffer setbacks in 1986 when a VIP passenger was taken from one of his taxis by Tommy Vercetti, the new Kaufman Cabs owner, and later had three of his taxis destroyed by Tommy, in order to eliminate competition against his firm. The owner, angry at Tommy's attempts to damage his company, lures Tommy to a large lot, where he and a number of taxi drivers attempt to kill Vercetti, who manages to kill the Vice City Cabs owner (who wields a katana) and his taxi drivers. After the completion of the mission Cabmaggedon, it is presumed that the Vice City Cabs lost influence in the city and Kaufman Cabs replaced them as the top taxi firm.




  • In missions, the Vice City Cabs taxi drivers wear blue shirts. However, in general free roam, the Vice City Cabs drivers wear red shirts, similar to their Kaufman Cabs counterparts.
  • The Vice City Cabs drivers are more aggressive and more hostile than their Kaufman Cabs counterparts. Whenever the player steals a taxi from a Vice City Cabs driver, the driver will attack the player and/or steal back the taxi, as opposed to their Kaufman Cabs counterparts, who only steal back their taxi or run away.


  1. Ted: "VC Cabs keep beating us to it. They've got too many cars - we can't compete". (From the Friendly Rivalry mission).