V.I.P. (person)

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The V.I.P. entering Escobar International Airport.
The VC Cabs driver picking up the V.I P.

The V.I.P is an unnamed minor character appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. He appears in the game as a very wealthy resident of Starfish Island. He only appears in one mission: V.I.P.. Although he has a minor speaking role, his voice actor is not credited.


Little is known about the V.I.P. except for the few following facts: The V.I.P is a very rich and very wealthy resident of Starfish Island. He lives in a mansion near the Vercetti Estate. In 1986, he calls Kaufman Cabs and requests a ride from his mansion in Starfish Island to Escobar International Airport to take a flight to an unknown country. Tommy Vercetti is tasked with picking up the V.I.P.and taking him to Escobar International Airport. Unfortunately for Vercetti, a VC Cab pulls up and steals his fare by driving in front of Vercetti's Kaufman Cab and picking up the V.I.P. Vercetti later intimidates the V.I.P into getting out of the VC Cab and entering his Kaufman Cab by repeatedly ramming his Kaufman Cab into the VC Cab. Despite the efforts of the angry VC Cabs driver to destroy Vercetti's Kaufman Cab, he successfully drops off the V.I.P at Escobar International Airport. After the mission, he is never seen again.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto
Vice City