Waste Not Want Knots/Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough for the mission Waste Not Want Knots in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Find a 4 seat car and pick up Packie and the other two guys. Then drive to the warehouse on the map. During the drive, Packie reveals to Niko the full plan: they are going to run in the front of the warehouse, wipe out anyone in their way, take the money, then run out back where a boat will be waiting for them near the docks. When you arrive at the warehouse, follow Packie and the guys over 2 fences to a small junkyard. There will be a bunch of goons hanging around outside, so after you jump the second fence, pull out your weapon and start firing. Stay ahead of your allies and kill everyone outside. Make sure to protect Packie and the boys. When you reach the warehouse door on the side facing the street, run in and grab some cover on that low wall right next to the door. Kill everyone inside the warehouse. Then run up the stairs, across the catwalk to the overhead office to grab the bag of cash. But now, some Italian mobsters, who are also planning on stealing the money, come into the warehouse and start firing at Packie and his group. Kill the mobsters that you can see and head down the stairs. Packie will tell Niko to follow him to a boat waiting on the river to get away in. Ignore any mobsters after this point and run, the guy friends you came with will stay behind to take care of them. Run out the warehouse and follow Packie to the docks. You'll have to swim to the boat. Once you and Packie are in the boat, head to the yellow marker. Once your there, mission passed.

After the mission, Packie will call Niko and ask if he can take his sister out on a date, and Ray Boccino will call offering work, opening up a new mission strand.

Hints and Tips

  • If Packie or any of his associates die, you fail the mission.
  • Packie tends to rush into battle and therefore gets killed fairly quickly. You should keep an eye on him and try to take out your enemies quickly to prevent this from happening.
  • After Niko steals the money and the Italian mobsters come in, it is better to run away from them and out the back rather than trying to fight them all, as there is almost no cover and there is a lot of them.
  • As long as Packie is in the boat with you when you escape, the mission will be a success; the other two associates do not need to be in the boat. The mission will still fail if you are inside the warehouse and they die, but once you run outside the warehouse to the boat, it does not matter if they live or die.
  • The maximum number of stars that the player can obtain is two. Players that find this level hard should have at least a two-star wanted level. The police will shoot whoever is shooting and if a police shoots the player, they should kill him and not worry about the wanted level.(Note: the wanted level only becomes an issue if a cop happens to come by during the outside gunbattle.)
  • You can gain two extra gunmen to help with the outside and warehouse gunfight by summoning Dwayne's backup, if unlocked. A good time to summon them is immediately after getting out of the car at the parking lot (but you'll need to move fast afterwards to catch up to Packie). The backup might not arrive in time to do much good against the exterior enemy, but they are helpful in the warehouse; among other things, they draw fire away from Packie and his associates.