Xbox One

For the original Xbox console, see Xbox.

The Xbox One is the third generation of Xbox console from Microsoft, officially announced on 21 May 2013 and scheduled for release later in 2013. The Xbox One is the successor of the Xbox 360, and has been designed to be more than just a game console, but an "entire living room experience".

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The Xbox One comes with a heavily improved Kinect system, which uses gesture and voice control to access many aspects of the console, including turning it on. The Xbox One also allows you to connect a set-top box using a HDMI pass-through, to eliminate the need to change source on your TV.

Grand Theft Auto V, released on the PS3 and Xbox 360 in September 2013, as well as its online counterpart, Grand Theft Auto Online, was released on the Xbox One and PS4 on 18 November 2014.