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The Misty's bar in Garcia, San Fierro.
The interior of the bar.

Misty's is a bar located in Garcia, San Fierro. It's the best place to take out Michelle, one of the possible Girlfriends for protagonist Carl Johnson, on a date. The inside is buried in Base 5 posters and paintings. You will also find three pool tables with a man standing in front of the one nearest the arcade games who will attack you if you attack him, two arcade games (Space Monkey and Duality), one female bartender, and usually around two to four customers purchasing drinks at the bar counter, thought when they drink, you don't actually see the drink they are holding. This bar has the same interior as the bar located down the street from CJ's moms house in GANTON. You can play pool with the man standing next to it and place a wager with him. If you lose the bet you can just kill your opponant and take the money back from him, also their is a drawing on the wall of a character from Manhunt.