Races in GTA Liberty City Stories

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Street Races are a set of side missions in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. There are two types of races. There is a car race, and there is a motorbike race. Car races are unlocked after completing Grease Sucho. Motorbike races are unlocked after you have to complete the mission Booby Prize. There are also RC Races. All of these are required for completion.

Bike Races

Car Races

RC Races


  • Unlike races in previous games, killing any opposition will make you immediately fail the mission.
  • Starting these races will give you an opportunity to obtain a special vehicle.
  • To obtain a special bike get a fast car, head for the start line then ram the person off the bike then get on it, and kill that person.
  • To obtain a special car start the race then wait until the others have finished. Once they have stopped break the passenger door, get in, and kill the person.
  • Each vehicles will have three unique colors: sky blue, chrome red, and plain white.