"I'm Not a Hipster" Update

"I'm Not a Hipster" Update
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"I'm Not a Hipster Update" Promotional Image
DevelopersRockstar North
PublishersRockstar Games
PlatformsPlayStation 3
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Release dates

Xbox 360 - 17 June, 2014
PS3 - 17 June, 2014
Xbox One - Fall 2014
PlayStation 4 - Fall 2014
PC - Fall 2014

Featured VehiclesBenefactor Glendale
Benefactor Panto
Declasse Rhapsody
Lampadati Pigalle
Vapid Blade
Vulcar Warrener
Benefactor Dubsta 6x6
New to GTA Online
Albany Primo
BF Surfer
Bravado Buffalo
Bravado Buffalo S (Franklin's)
Bravado Youga
Cheval Picador
Dundreary Regina
Karin Rebel (clean version)
Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer (Trevor's)
Obey Tailgater (Michael)

The "I'm Not a Hipster" Update is free downloadable content that has appeared in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online since June 17, 2014. It features seven new vehicles, and adds ten vehicles from GTA V to GTA Online.

The vehicles in the update include the Benefactor Glendale, Benefactor Panto, Declasse Rhapsody, Lampadati Pigalle, Vapid Blade, Vulcar Warrener, and the Benefactor Dubsta 6x6 which unlocks at Rank 100. In GTA Online they would have to be ordered via southernsanandreassuperautos.com, or warstock-cache-and-carry.com for the Dubsta 6x6. The GTA V cars added to GTA Online (via southernsanandreassuperautos.com) include the Albany Primo, BF Surfer, Bravado Buffalo, Bravado Buffalo S (Franklin’s), Bravado Youga, Cheval Picador, Dundreary Regina, Karin Rebel (clean version), Nagasaki Hot Rod Blazer (Trevor’s), and Obey Tailgater (Michael’s). It also included two new metallic vehicle paint colors, as well as numerous clothing, mask, tattoo, hairstyle options, and celebrations.