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Home page of the American Travel Guide website. is a website on the Internet in Grand Theft Auto IV. The site's main purpose is to assist American residents who are traveling to Europe. The site explains the differences between American and European cultures and customs. Humorously, the explanations are negative toward Europe and European people.

The company's billboards can be seen around Francis International Airport. ATG appears to be ignorant towards geography, as it claims that:

  • Brussel is in France, however, it is actually in Belgium.
  • England is a city and uses the Union Jack (The Flag of Britain) rather than the St. George Cross (Flag of England).
  • Europe is a country full of states, "United States of Europe".
Advertisement for American Travel Guide


  • The 'Language' section of the website states that in the majority of Hollywood movies, the antagonists speak with an English or British accent. This hasn't been proven, but is a common belief.
  • USA has 50 countries, rather than states.