Apartment 3c

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The apartment seen from outside

Apartment 3c is an apartment room located south of a Pay 'n' Spray in Ocean Beach, Vice City. The building has a pink roof with a Unique Stunt Jump and parked Sparrow on it. On its south side there are stairways leading up to the apartment room. A Chainsaw is located in its bathroom.

This apartment room is a reference to the film Scarface. There was a scene where Tony Montana's friend is killed by a chainsaw in a bathtub. The bathroom in Apartment 3c is splattered with blood. With a Chainsaw pickup right next to it, it is a clear homage to Scarface. It should also be noted by the entrance there is a briefcase full of cocaine with some spilled packets on the ground just like the same scene in Scarface.

The blood stain is also the exact same image seen in the blown-up jail cell in GTA III after helping Kenji get a high ranking Yakuza member out of the police station in Staunton Island during the mission Kanbu Bust-out. The exterior of the apartment can be seen in GTA Vice City's first trailer at 0:21.


  • The chainsaw torture scene at the apartment in the film Scarface takes place at Miami Beach on Ocean Drive. However in Vice City, the apartment isn't located on Ocean Drive.
  • There is a glitch in which if you jump into the bathtub and sprint at the blood stain, you will run through the wall and the world will be invisible.