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Native American Engines in GTA IV, one of the first spray shops players can use in the game.

In Grand Theft Auto IV and its episodic packs, spray shops are found scattered all over Liberty City, functioning as both a vehicle repair shop as well as a location to clear the player's wanted level. Unlike its primary predecessor, the Pay n' Spray, spray shops now have distinct names, but are still referred to as "Pay n' Sprays" by the game's tooltip during "Easy Fare", as well as on the pause-menu map.

This article only discusses the spray shops as locations in the game. For details in the games' spray shop mechanics, refer to the spray shops article.

Spray shops

There is a total of five spray shops in the city: One in Broker, two in Algonquin, and two in Alderney. Unlike preceding games, the spray shops are not accessible from the start of the game's storyline, as they will only be available for use after completing "Easy Fare"; until then the entrances to the spray shops are closed.

Native American Engines

Native American Engines is the only spray shop in the Broker/Dukes landmass. Located on Gibson Street, on the southern edge of Outlook, Broker, the spray shop is prominently marked by a massive overhead "Manco Real Estate" sign. The spray shop is prominently feature during "Easy Fare" in GTA IV, when the player is automatically pursued by the police at a point and is required to evade the police. Because Native American Engines is the only spray shop that the player can safely use, the player may use the spray shop to respray their vehicle for free (only during the mission); should the player escape police pursuit via alternate means, however, the player is directed to simply head to Native American Engines to complete the mission.

Jermaine Andrews, whom the player ferries during "Easy Fare", is implied to be affiliated with Native American Engines. Towtrucks in The Lost and Damned also bear Native American Engines' logo on their doors.

Auto Limbo

Auto Limbo in GTA IV.

Auto Limbo is one of two spray shops in Algonquin located off the southern bend of West Way in the district of Purgatory, directly north from the northern end of an abandoned Algonquin elevated railway line.

The spray shop's name and overall theme appear to be influenced by etymology of the district, being a "limbo" for automobiles (Purgatory is thought to share the same realm in the underworld as limbo); indeed, the spray shop also feature imagery of two cars in heaven (with angelic wings and a halo) and hell (with demonic wings and a pointed tail). The spray shop also features a massive spinning spray can that hisses and emits a colored mist.

Auto Limbo also bears an updated TransFender logo on the northeastern corner, although the game does not allow the player the customize cars as in GTA San Andreas.

Auto Cowboys

Auto Cowboys in GTA IV.

Auto Cowboys is the second spray shop in Algonquin, being located further north on the northern end of Frankfort Avenue in Northwood, directly in front of an elevated portion of the Algonquin Inner Line. Due to its location, the spray shop may not only be useful when one is in northern Algonquin, but also Bohan via the Northwood Heights Bridge (as Bohan has no spray shop; however, players who are under higher wanted levels will have to overcome roadblocks set up on both ends of the bridge). The spray shop is also notable for mentioning "Pay 'n' Spray" as a byline, although the spray shop's actual name does not allude to it. The Auto Cowboys building is otherwise unremarkable.

Axel's Pay 'n' Spray

Axel's Pay 'n' Spray is a set of two spray shops based in Alderney: One at Panhandle Road and Catskill Avenue in Leftwood (underneath the northern end of the Plumbers Skyway), and the other at Hardtack Avenue and Roebuck Road in Port Tudor.

In addition to being the only two spray shops in the Alderney area, the spray shops are the only ones to adopt "Pay n' Spray" into their name, and are the only spray shops in GTA IV to exist as a chain of two or more outlets. The chain's logo encompasses a graphic representation of a baseball cap-wearing "Axel", sometimes with a car axle (an apparent pun of Axel's name) driven through his head by the ears; the spray shops are also painted with an overall green color scheme.

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