Abandoned Railway in GTA IV

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The disused railway at the border between BOABO and East Island City in GTA IV, as viewed towards the Humboldt River and Algonquin to the west.

In the Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars renditions of Liberty City, various abandoned railway lines and railway structures can be found in various locations.

The lines are suggestively part of (now defunct) freight train systems in the past (presumably the result of declining profitability of railway services since the 1950s), with lines and railway structures predominantly servicing industrial areas and port facilities now in decay or demolished. Due to its industrial use, it is unknown if the lines are intended to be connected to the Liberty City Subway, which is a passenger-only service and the only active railway line in the city.



In western East Island City, Dukes, at the border with BOABO, Broker, a section of railway leading from a bricked up tunnel exists, west toward Algonquin, and stops facing that water, suggesting a bridge may have at one point existed.


In Algonquin, an abandon portion of an old railway appears in the west along Westminster and The Meat Quarter, running from the plaza of a new building, blocked off by barrier boards, and runs through several buildings before splitting up. One section runs into a garage in a building (supporting the fact that it may have been used for freight), and the other leads to a broken off edge forming a ramp.

The line is clearly inspired by the real-life High Line in New York City, pre-renovation.


Several disused tracks and railcars also dot industrial areas in Alderney. These include two abandoned rail depots (one that has been almost completely torn down), several sections of track (mostly running through old alleyways), a section of track running by the old Sprunk Factory that splits up, with one side leading into a bricked up tunnel.

There is also a rail line running from a bricked up tunnel running from southern Alderney City, through Normandy, through Port Tudor (with parts of the track heading onto one of the piers, and ending on a ramp and several old pillars near northern Acter Industrial Park. This track is mostly intact, though several newer structures (roads, buildings) have been built over it.


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