Plumbers Skyway

Plumbers Skyway, looking north.
Plumbers Skyway seen from the Tudors entrance.

The Plumbers Skyway is the only major freeway in Alderney in Grand Theft Auto IV.

It is elevated at a great height from its Boyden Ave entrance to its western Acter portion. It nearly circles and encompasses southern Alderney. It begins immediately after the Hickey Bridge and circles Alderney, ending at the intersection of Asahara Rd and Boyden Avenue. Other than an intersection at Rand Avenue just after the Hickey Bridge, the Skyway has 5 exits and is the longest highway in the game.

It takes the shape of New Jersey's Pulaski Skyway from the Alderney City end up to Acter Industrial Park, and starts to take the shape of the New Jersey Turnpike in general once it reaches West Tudor and ends at the Rand Ave Intersection near the Hickey Bridge. Unlike the Pulaski Skyway, it serves more for amusement rather than functionality (as large ships cannot get past some smaller bridges blocking the waterway in Tudor) and it also allows for more buildings to occupy the area.

Traffic is very light heading to the Alderney City side, but heavy when entering Berchem and exiting Leftwood.

The Skyway includes a few construction zones where the barrier on the side of the freeway has been removed. It's possible to jump a bike or vehicle from these points, though at great risk of crashing.

Exits and entrances

No Exits or Entrances are numbered in the game, so they will be listed in order from where it begins after the Hickey Bridge, to where it ends at the intersection of Ashara Road and Boyden Avenue.

1. Rand Avenue Intersection

Immediately after leaving the Hickey Bridge from Algonquin is the Rand Ave Intersection. Making a left will take you to Alderney City, while a right will take you to Leftwood. Driving straight will bring you to the start of the Plumbers Skyway as the roads will begin to slightly elevate as it makes room for Panhandle Road which runs below.

2. Leftwood

The Leftwood entrance to the skyway can be accessed from a three way intersection of Manzano Road. An exit can only be made here if your driving in the right lane, from the Hickey Bridge direction.

3. Berchem

The Berchem entrance to the skyway can be accessed on Aspdin Dr, between Cockerell Ave and Kemeny St. If driving in the right lane, from the Leftwood's direction, an exit cannot be made here, but it can in the opposite lane, driving from Tudor's direction. The green house located next to the exit, is where you will find the blue Sultan, which is wanted for the Stevie's Car Thefts pastime.

4. West Tudor

West Tudor has multiple entrances/exits from both lanes of the Plumbers Skyway. Exiting the skyway in West Tudor will take you to a small road surrounded by high-rise condominiums and housing projects, nearby Tinderbox Ave and Emery St. You can also enter the skyway from here, taking you in the direction of Berchem.

Another entrance to the skyway can also be accessed from Hardtack Ave, which will take you in the direction of Acter Industrial Park. Going in this direction you will start to see the skyway take the natural shape of the Pulaski Skyway.

5. Acter Industrial Park

The Skyway ramp in Acter Industrial Park can be used as an entrance and exit. Entering the skyway from here will take you in the direction of West Tudor. Exiting the skyway here bring you to Praetorian Ave, and nearby Muskteer Ave, within the middle of Acter Industrial Park.

6. East Tudor

The Skyway ramp in East Tudor can be used as an entrance and exit. Entering the skyway from here will take you in the direction of Alderney City. Exiting the skyway here bring you to Barsac Ave, between Mandrel Rd and Latchkey Ave in East Tudor, and nearby the neighboring Port Tudor.

7. Alderney City

From the intersection of Boyden Ave and Asahara Rd, in the center of Alderney City, the skyway can be entered or exited. The skyway ends here where the elevated highway descends back to ground, or starts from the ground and elevates if taken from the entrance.