Back Alley Brawl

Back Alley Brawl
Ken Rosenberg telling Tommy Vercetti to talk to Kent Paul who is usually at the Malibu Club.

Ken Rosenberg telling Tommy Vercetti to talk to Kent Paul who is usually at the Malibu Club.
Game GTA Vice City
For Ken Rosenberg
Target Leo Teal
Location Washington Beach, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Lance Vance
Destruction of Lance Vance's Infernus
Reward $200, Pistol
Unlocks Jury Fury
Unlocked by The Party

Back Alley Brawl is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by lawyer Ken Rosenberg from his office in Washington Beach, Vice City.


Rosenberg wants Tommy to find out more information about the ambushed drug deal. Rosenberg tells Tommy to meet Kent Paul, the biggest rumor guy in the city, at the Malibu Club, where he can usually be found. Tommy meets Kent Paul, who tells Tommy about part time chef and hitman Leo Teal, who's 'been looking real pleased with himself lately'.

Tommy goes to an alley in Ocean Beach and beats Teal to death. Lance Vance then shows up and states that he too wants to find out about the deal, with his brother killed in the ambush. Three more chefs come outside and begin to chase Tommy and Lance, who go to Lance's white Infernus. Lance has Tommy drive to the Ammu-Nation store to show him where to get weapons, before returning to the Ocean View Hotel. Tommy gets out of the car with Lance saying he'll be watching Tommy, before he drives off.



The reward for completing the mission is $200 and a free Pistol. The mission Jury Fury is unlocked.


  • Leo Teal - Killed due to possible links to the ambushed drug deal.
  • Chefs (optional) - Killed for attempting to attack and kill Tommy. Deaths do not affect mission, but may result in a one-star wanted level, making this mission the first time the player can get a wanted level through violence.


  • The song which is heard inside the Malibu Club during the cutscene with Kent Paul is (Keep Feeling) Fascination by The Human League. It is also featured on the radio station Wave 103.
  • An oversight made in this mission is that if the player kills the chef by running him over or shooting him (regardless of distance), Tommy will still express exertion in the following cutscene.
  • Even though Lance's name is never mentioned verbally until the mission "Guardian Angels", it will appear if Tommy gets too far from him ("You've left Lance behind!") or if Tommy gets out of his car.
  • There is a glitch where Lance will get out of the car during the ending cut-scene, resulting in his Infernus driving away without a driver. Lance will then start walking around like a normal pedestrian.
  • If the player activates the "Ladies Follow You" cheat, Leo Teal, the chefs, and even Lance Vance will follow the player. However, Leo and the chefs won't attack the player.
    • Also, after mission completion, Lance will follow the player and fight alongside them, armed with a pistol.

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