Wave 103

Radio Station
Wave 103
Genre: New wave, synthpop
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto Vice City
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories
DJ(s): Adam First (GTA Vice City)
Trish Camden and Adam (GTA Vice City Stories)

Wave 103 is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. The station was founded in 1981 and is hosted by Adam First in the former and by Adam and Trish Camden in the latter. Wave 103 features new wave and synthpop music.

Wave 103 is one of two preferred radio stations tuned in by the Sharks, the other station being Flash FM. Wave 103 can be heard after Tommy carjacks their gang vehicles.

An album of the songs from the station is available separately or as part of the GTA Vice City soundtrack box set. Customers received this volume when they placed a pre-order down payment of $10 on the PC version of the game at Best Buy. Flash FM's Japanese Boy also appears on the European version of the Wave 103 CD album.

The name of the station apes that of an actual local radio station Wave 102 in Dundee, Scotland, the original birthplace of the game's design company Rockstar North. The name may also allude to the new wave music on the station's playlist.

Like most DJs in Vice City, Adam believes that his kind of music is the best. He further fancies himself a music connoisseur, despite making some glaring mistakes such as calling 1986 the "finest hour" for Blondie, when in fact the band broke up in 1982. However, he may have meant the song Atomic, which is part of the soundtrack.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City rendition

DJ: Adam First

Genres: new wave, synthpop, post-punk

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories rendition

DJ: Trish Camden and Adam First

Genres: new wave, synthpop

※Not featured in the European version of the game


  • In GTA Vice City Stories, the station is referred to as The Wave 103, but in the original Vice City, it is just called Wave 103.

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