Beefy Baron

Flying the RC Baron in the mission.

Beefy Baron is a minigame in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The game is unlocked after the completion of Zero's missions. The game is location in Zero RC at the back room. Step into the red cylinder while not on a mission to begin the game. The player will have remote control of the RC Baron. The objective of the game is to destroy as many Berkley Vans as possible within three minutes. The player can end the game by self destructing the RC Baron. This game is optional and is not required for 100% completion.


  • If you fly the RC Baron on the waters of San Fierro beach you will fall into the Blue Hell.
  • There is a game glitch that can be used to obtain the extremely rare Berkley's RC Van during this mission. Once you have started the mission and you have control of the RC Baron press the change view button (PC default is V, PS2 default is Select). Your view will change to a Berkley Van that has spawned high up above San Andreas with CJ in the driver's seat (you can't control it yet). The van will fall for about 15 seconds before smashing onto the roof of Zero's RC shop. Now fail the mission, (either by keeping the baron still for a while and pressing the LMB (PC) to self destruct it, or by waiting for the timer to run out.) you will appear back in the shop. Quickly run outside and use the Jetpack cheat (or use your own if you have one nearby) and use it to fly up the the roof of the shop. The Berkley Van will be there waiting for you, if it is not, then try again. Now you can simply drive it off the roof of the shop and it's all yours.
  • Another method is slightly simpler but you need to be quick. Start the mission and fly the Baron down onto the street right in front of the store. (As close as you can, preferably on the lane closest.) Wait for a Berkley van to pull up beside your plane. Do not get too close, other wise you will damage the van in the process of blowing up. Press LMB to self destruct. Once the camera reverts back to the inside of the store, run outside. The van should still be driving down the road. It's moving rather slowly, so it's a simple job of running after it and jacking it. Then you can save it to any nearby garage.

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