Bilingsgate Motel

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Bilingsgate Motel
Game GTA V
Type of business Motel
Location(s) Innocence Blvd in Rancho, Los Santos
Mission appearance(s) Closing the Deal
Surreal Estate

The Bilingsgate Motel is a motel located on Innocence Blvd in Rancho, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Trevor Philips meets former real estate agent Josh Bernstein at the motel and has sex with Bernstein's wife after destroying signs from Bernstein's former partner Lenny Avery and returns for the same purpose after beating up Avery. An eCola vending machine, which the player can purchase a soda from, can be found at the motel. The motel also offers a Badger public payphone, a Candy Box vending machine and colour televisions.