Bumps and Grinds

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Bumps and Grinds is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories. It has ten different courses with a time to beat for each one. Each one you pass will unlock the next in the mission. To start get on the Sanchez in the northern part of the Harwood Dirt Track. Once you start you will have to beat all ten time trials to pass the mission. Completing this is required for 100%. And you can return to the bike and try to beat your best score on each one.

Course times to beat

  • Course 1: 0:58
  • Course 2: 1:15
  • Course 3: 1:14
  • Course 4: 1:13
  • Course 5: 1:30
  • Course 6: 1:32
  • Course 7: 1:30
  • Course 8: 1:51
  • Course 9: 1:23
  • Course 10: 1:19


For each level you complete you get a $100 bonus, plus a Manchez for completing every level. You will also get a $10 bonus if you execute a ramp jump that is more than 8 meters long.