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The 2013 re-release poster for Capolavoro in GTA V.

Capolavoro is a film in the HD Universe directed by Emanuelle Pasorelli and released in 1964 by European Art Haus. The film continues to play at the Oriental Theater in Los Santos in 2013 and can be seen there by the player.


The film features a Spanish speaking married man, Antonio, whose wife nags him. Antonio, dealing with his role in his friend Luigi's death, begins hearing the voice of a woman speaking in French resulting in him become increasingly 'mad'. The film ends with a ladder, which 'symbolizes something'.

Cast and crew


Crew's description

Directed by Emanuelle Pasorelli, this arthouse film makes little sense. A man, who may or may not be a thief, with a nagging wife hears a beautiful woman in his head, and both conspire to make him go mad as he lives in anguish over his role in his friend Luigi's death. Actors' mouths rarely move, yet we hear their voice, a technique the director used in several films. The ladder in the end symbolizes something, we aren't sure what.'s comments

  • thimbledick (5/10): What is with the horse?
  • sippycup8 (3/10): Or the fact that it's in two different languages.
  • richardsfan45 (8/10): One of the great stories of our time!


  • The film features actors and actress whose 'mouths rarely move' but are heard speaking French, Italian and Spanish. The film features English subtitles.