Oriental Theater

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Oriental Theater
Game GTA V
GTA Online
Type of business Theater/Cinema
Location(s) Vinewood Blvd in Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos
Mission appearance(s) Meltdown

The Oriental Theater is a theater/cinema located on Vinewood Blvd in Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The theater opened in 1928 and on the opening night riots broke out as fans attempted to take up-skirt pictures of silent film actress Miriam Turner. A number of films premiered at the cinema and in 2013 the film Capolavoro returns to the theater. During the mission Meltdown, the film of the same name is being premiered at the theater with director Anton Beaudelaire, producers Solomon Richards and Michael De Santa, and actor Milton McIlroy appearing on the red carpet with Lazlow one of the many people interviewing those behind the film. Michael, however, quickly leaves the premiere after being told by Richards Majestic co-owner that Merryweather Security Consulting mercenaries were going to kill his wife and daughter.


  • The theaters name continues to be used despite being politically incorrect, which is pointed out by the tour guide on the Vinewood Tour who suggests that the name could have been much worse when considering other common terms for Asians and Asian-Americans at the time of the theaters opening.