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Anybody Want to be a massive help to the community?

What I think would be a great addition to all of the individual vehicle pages would be a small table to the right hand side of the page, which simply lists "Games this vehicle has appeared in" and would simply link to each of the GTA pages which have that vehicle in.

For example, the page for the PCJ-600 would have a table similar to the following:

Games which this vehicle has appeared in

  • GTA3
  • GTA Vice City
  • GTA San Andreas
  • GTA Liberty City Stories
  • GTA Vice City Stories

The page for the Kuruma would have a table like this:

  • GTA3

... those game names obviously being links to their respective pages.

If you would like to help out with this task, please sign your name here, I'll paste the table code here which you can use.

--Chris 20:01, 27 April 2007 (BST)

I'd like to help. My main concern with these lists is they have the potential to get long and unsightly in the case of vehicles that appear in almost every game in the series, like the Taxi. If there's a way to start another column so there are two side-by-side (there most likely is but I'm too lazy to look it up), that would solve the problem nicely.
We should also come up with some kind of standard layout for the vehicle articles, because right now they're all laid out differently and it's messy as hell. Look at the huge variation between these pages, for example. Esperanto, Police Car, and Yardie Lobo. They're all laid out differently (Police Car is tidiest). Some pages don't have enough content for it to matter how it's arranged, but all too often the articles are full of content, but it's arranged a different way every time. --MattyDienhoff 18:32, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

Standardize Layout?

See discussion here. --MattyDienhoff 15:51, 22 May 2008 (UTC)

Which image should take precedence?

For vehicles that appear in more than one game, the article on that vehicle typically has an image of that vehicle in each game in which it appears, right? The thing is, only one image goes at the top of the page, the rest typically go in a gallery down the bottom. So, how should we determine which version of the car's image is most important (and should go up the top)?

A: The image of the earliest (3D) version of the car should be at the top of the article.
B: The image of the latest version of the car should be at the top of the article.

--MattyDienhoff 07:49, 13 January 2009 (UTC)

As far as I know it's editors choice. The one you like best. For example, the Cheetah appears in GTA III but the GTA Vice City rendition is shown. It might be a good idea to have a system of which image to use like you're saying, but we would have to decide as a community which one to use. Anyone have any thoughts? Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 09:35, 13 January 2009 (UTC)
The image that should be at the top (or in the infobox) should be the one that best depicts the subject matter. For vehicles, it is best to use a good-angled shot (not head-on) that allows you to see a lot of the vehicle (especially any identifying features), with decent colours (not too dark etc), and no distracting background, extra items (people, other vehicles) or bright lights. So for Taxi, the GTA III or GTA SA versions best fit that description. However for Cheetah, there is the image from GTA VC that is easy-to-see but also has a nice background that isn't distracting or unneccessary - so it's the best one to use. Most of the time it is just personal preference (and avoiding really bad images or GTA 1 renditions), but don't be afraid to discuss it for more important articles such as Liberty City. Gboyers talk 18:52, 13 January 2009 (UTC)