Cheats in GTA 1

This page outlines cheats for Grand Theft Auto 1, for PlayStation and PC.


Enter the following codes at the Name Entry screen:
Code Effect
WEYHEY 9,999,990 points
TVMAN Access San Andreas parts 1 and 2
T H E S H I T All Cheats
Caprice All Cities
TURF All Cities
URGE All Cities parts 1 and 2 except Vice City.
BSTARD All cities, infinite weapons and 99 lives
Groovy All Weapons
MADEMAN All Weapons
PECKINPAH All Weapons, Armor and a Jail Card
BLOWME Enable Coordinates
EXCREMENT Five Times Multiplier
SKYBABIES Level Select
INGLORIOUS Level Select with Extra Options
FECK Liberty City parts 1 and 2
CHUFF No Police
EATTHIS Wanted Level Max ($)


Type the following on the name space below-

itsgallus Unlock all cities
suckmyrocket All weapons, armor and 'Get outta jail free card'
iamthelaw No police
&machine 10x multiplayer
buckfast Press '*' for all weapons
instantrum Infinite lives
hatemachine Raise point values
heartofgold View FMV sequences
iamgarypenn Enable offensive language
iamnotgarrpenn Disable offensive language
Debug Mode

Enter 'porkcharsui' as the player's name. In game these functions work

Effect Key
Screen capture in .TGA format D
Zoom out K
Alternate zoom out ]
Zoom in L
Alternate zoom in [
Pan camera up [Keypad 8]
Pan camera down [Keypad 2]
Pan camera right [Keypad 6]
Pan camera left [Keypad 4]
Center camera view [Home]
Pause and advance single frame Num+
All weapons with full ammo [Keypad Asterisk]
Current status and coordinates C
Change screen mode R
Restart level F12