Children of the Mountain

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The headquarters of Children of the Mountain in Strawberry, Los Santos.

Children of the Mountain is a cult in the HD Universe and is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto V. The group are headed by Brother Adrian, having taken control from the groups former leader Darius Fontaine in a legal battle. The groups headquarters are in the Cayman Islands but their Los Santos base is on Strawberry Ave in Strawberry. The group has 'more than 1000 virtual offices in 25 countries' and spend large sums of money denying being either a religion or a cult, stating instead that they do not believe in anything.


The group believe in an elistist totalitarian structure where their followers are 'destined for unbridled success. Everyone else is destined for a catastrophic failure' according to the website. The group also teaches that followers can cure themselves of diseases, including cancer, after receiving the 'power' from the group, which is presumbly learnt during Actuality Analysis seminars taught by Brother Adrian himself where he forces followers to go without food, water and bathroom breaks until 'they pass out or soil themselves'. These seminars can also lead to 'Success, happiness, enlightenment, sexual prowess.


The website describes mind control as their modus operandi through a four step four stage "self-realization" course. The group also charge a substantial fee, using by pressure selling, including roughly $2,000 for an initial 'diagnosis' that 'your life's a miserable failure'.

People emerge from their weekend courses as glassy-eyed drones

babbling on about "embracing their futility". Brother Adrian and the other CoM teachers will attack your character, find your weaknesses, make you cry, brainwash you into believing you're in the grips of a desperate personal crisis... then convince you that the only solution is to buy more of their "self-awareness training".

Four stage self realization course

  • Stage 1: "Acknowledgement of my actuality"
  • Stage 2: "Embracement of my futility"
  • Stage 3: "Spiritual re-evaluation of my externality"
  • Stage 4: "Freedom through the re-interpretation of my actuality"


The in-game website claims that over 1 million people have taken their stage one entry process


  • Church in Strawberry
  • Radio station in Liberty City (owned by Brother Adrian)