Dead Man Walking

Dead Man Walking
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael De Santa
For Dave Norton
Objective Infiltrate the Strawberry Mortuary, find the body of Ferdinand Kerimov and escape from the IAA
Location Galileo Observatory, Los Santos
Fail Failing to wake up
Unlocks Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Three's Company
Unlocked by Fame or Shame

Dead Man Walking is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Michael De Santa from corrupt FIB agent Dave Norton from the Galileo Observatory in Los Santos.


Michael De Santa, having been asked to meet FIB agent Dave Norton, meets him at the Galileo Observatory to the north of Los Santos. Dave confronts Michael claiming to know that Michael was involved in the robbery at Vangelico's Fine Jewelry, which Michael eventually admits. Michael tells Dave about Trevor Philips' unexpected visit and explains that they haven't talked much about history with Dave reminding Michael that he will eventually start asking questions about why Michael is still alive. Dave then makes the connection that if Michael's problems are his, then his problems must be Michael's problems. He claims that if he were to be fired and someone read his files, he could come clean and get only five years in prison. Dave then shows Michael a picture of Ferdinand Kerimov, a person of interest who is believed to know enough to put Norton and his superiors out of a job, who the IAA claims is dead. The FIB, not believing them, thinking he is being debriefed somewhere. Agent Norton needs someone to break into the heavily IAA guarded mortuary to confirm this suspicion. Dave then takes a club and knocks Michael out.

When Michael awakens, he is inside a bodybag on a medical examiner's table. The medical examiners open the bodybag and speculate about Michael's life and cause of death. Michael then sits up and grabs one of the examiners, who he chokes out, while the other flees to get help. Michael sees a bin bag, which contains his clothing and begins to get dressed when an IAA agent enters the room looking for him. Michael remains in cover and the agent begins looking into the opposite room. An unarmed Michael sneaks up on the agent and hits him across the back of the neck, knocking him out. Michael looks at the two bodies in the room and realises that neither are Kerimov as they are both women.

He phones Dave to tell him the news and is told that he can help him, but only once Michael gets up to the top floor. Michael, now armed with the agent's pistol, makes his way to the stairway, killing numerous IAA agents along the way, and then receives a text message from Dave explaining his weapons are located in a bin bag in the evidence room on the top floor. Michael continues until reaching the top floor and recovers his weapons, giving him more ammunition to kill the remaining IAA agents before jumping out of the top floor window in a skip below. Michael quickly gets out of the skip and, avoiding gun fire from an IAA agent, begins his escape from the police, who had been alerted to the events.

Michael manages to lose the police and phones Franklin Clinton, an accomplice while robbing Vangelico's, and tells him to meet him by some oil derricks in El Burro Heights as they need to talk warning him about not being tailed. Michael then phones Dave and informs him of the number of agents he had killed and asks him what it was for. Dave explains that a big target, somewhere in the shadows, is in the city and that if the IAA or FIB finds it they will receive more funding. Dave informs Michael that he is not finished working for the FIB and that he needs to meet his boss. Michael, upon arrival, quickly meets up with Franklin and tells him to get out of town. Michael explains that he knows a federal agent who had placed him into an informal witness protection program after the wrong man was killed and that his problems started again when he came out of retirement. He explains that he is now working for the FIB as his contact and that, even worse, "hell, walking on Earth" has come back into his life. He informs Franklin that he is no angel but that compared to Trevor, he is indeed an angel. Michael reveals his plan to work both sides to Franklin who agrees to stay and help him despite Michael's warning it is a death sentence. Michael thanks Franklin and says he'll find a big score for him in the future as Franklin begins to leave.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Accuracy Finish with a shoot accuracy of at least 70%
Headshots Kill at least 14 enemies with a headshot.
Time Complete the mission in 9 minutes and 30 seconds.
Focused Killer Kill at least 4 enemies using Michael's special ability.
Unmarked Complete the mission with minimal damage to health and armor.


Mid mission text message

To Michael
  • Dave Norton: Michael, your weapons will be in a black trash bag in the evidence room on the top floor.


Post mission e-mail

To Michael De Santa
  • Dave Norton

Listen, I know you're probably irritated by the, shall we say, favor I just asked of you. I wish I hadn't had to involve you. But my boss has been sniffing around some old cases. I know we had a deal, but this is just a new agreement.

I wish it were different but as I said, you broke out of my protection yourself when you started... doing your thing again. I made clear that would be a problem. You ignored me. I will do my best to protect you as a valued friend of my 'firm' but you're going to have to play ball.



Completing the mission unlocks the Did Somebody Say Yoga? mission for Michael.


  • Michael is described as "overweight" and that the "fat deposits on his hips and abdomen suggest a fondness for Bleeder Burgers.

Video walkthrough

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