Did Somebody Say Yoga?

Did Someone Say Yoga?
Game GTA V
For Michael De Santa
Objective Practice yoga with Amanda and Fabien, then take Jimmy to Burger Shot
Location De Santa House in Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Fail Failing to complete the yoga session
Jimmy dies
Unlocks Blitz Play
Unlocked by Dead Man Walking

Did Somebody Say Yoga? is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V started by Michael De Santa at his house in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.


Michael, sitting and watching an old film, is confronted by his wife Amanda for smoking inside the house and calls him an "even bigger asshole" since Trevor Philips returned into their lives. Michael sarcastically responds that her support is appreciated with Amanda reminding him that she has been supportive having left her life in Ludendorff behind to stay with Michael. Michael tells Amanda that he'll sort the situation out although he has yet to figure out a way. Amanda tells him to keep Trevor away from her, and their two children. Fabien LaRouche then walks into the living room from the back garden and asks "did somebody said yoga". Amanda briefly calms down until, after Fabien asks if she is ready for yoga, Michael describes her as "a regular oasis of peace and tranquility" while Amanda responds that he is a "gorilla with anger issues and worse friends".

Fabien interrupts the arguing couple by saying that they should practice yoga and invites Michael to join them. Michael agrees despite Amanda's protest. The three go into the back garden and Fabien shows Michael how to the first pose. Amanda then completes the pose and is followed by Michael. Fabien explains that after completing the next pose he sometimes cries uncontrollably for hours. Fabien and Amanda complete the pose at the same time and are joined shortly after by Michael. Amanda and Fabien then complete the third pose together and are then followed by Michael. Fabien congratulates Michael on his progress and tells him that he has been cured of his impotence now that his sexual energies are no longer blocked. Fabien then stands behind Amanda, who is in the "downward dog" position, and tells Amanda to walk backwards towards his pelvis. Michael, believing this to be Fabien making a move on her, charges at Fabien, but he easily dodges and sends Michael toppling into the swimming pool.

Fabien explains that yoga is the answer before Amanda tells him that they are leaving and never coming back. A drenched Michael then goes in search of his son although Jimmy does not want to see his father. Michael, having interrupted Jimmy's game session, asks whether or not he paid for Jimmy's new television. Jimmy then tells his father he has plans to meet a friend. When Michael offers to accompany him, Jimmy reacts negatively and Michael responds that threatening to molest online friends is worse. The two leave in Micheal's car and drive to the local Burger Shot at Jimmy's request, with Michael reminiscing about his own youth much to Jimmy's annoyance. The two then argue on the way to the Burger Shot with Jimmy telling his father that, after he points out that Jimmy like him is a cliché, the "monster" (or the real Michael) has been revealed. Jimmy reveals that he thinks his father hates him but Michael tells him that he loves him.

The two arrive at Burger Shot and Jimmy gets out of the car, buying his marijuana and another package from an employee as well as a drug-laced drink. The two return home and Jimmy offers his father a drink. Michael drinks some of the liquid and shortly afterwards begins to lose his vision and complains of feeling weird. Michael continues to drive but pulls over close to his house. Michael realizes that Jimmy had drugged him, though Jimmy responds that he is protecting his father from himself, that he has taken money out of his bank account, and that he is moving out before pushing his father out of the car and driving away.

Michael is then dragged away and passes out. When he awakens he begins hallucinating, seeing eight monkeys surrounding him in an alleyway and being brought on board an alien spacecraft before being dropped out the spacecraft and falls back towards Los Santos. Michael then begins to hear his own voice and that of Dave Norton. Michael wakes up in the park just north of the De Santa house, and after waking up immediately throws up. Michael, now only in his underwear, staggers back towards his house until the effects of the drug wear off. He returns home thinking he will find his family but only finds a note from Amanda in the kitchen. She reveals that attacking Fabien and taking drugs while driving Jimmy about in his car has led to her deciding to leave him and that she is considering talking to a lawyer. She ends the letter by asking him to make sure he does not get killed. A frustrated Michael tears up the letter and throws it away. The screen then turns black and then shows a now fully dressed Michael sitting on the front door step outside his house.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission in 15 minutes.
Warrior Complete the first yoga pose without fault.
Triangle Complete the second yoga pose without fault.
Praise the Sun Complete the third yoga pose without fault.


Post mission text message

  • Jimmy De Santa: I got no wheels, pop. Itz 2 much to deal with as well as moving out so I took urz until im on my feet. ill bring it bck when im all set up - J dog


Completing the mission unlocks the Three's Company mission for Michael, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton while yoga is also unlocked. Michael also loses $3,000, which Jimmy had taken out of his bank account, and access to Michael's car, which was also taken by Jimmy.


  • Fabien's pronunciation of Michael's name changes throughout the mission.
  • The song played during the "drug trip skydiving" sequence is "Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix)" by The C90s. The song is featured on Radio Mirror Park.
  • The events of Did Somebody Say Yoga? later result in Michael chasing Molly Schultz to retrieve an analogue reel of Meltdown after he realises that Amanda was screwed by a yogi (Fabien) and now he is as well (Devin Weston).

Video walkthrough

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