Prologue (GTA V)

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Trevor Philips aiming a gun at the security guard of the bank.

Trevor Philips aiming a gun at the security guard of the bank.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Michael Townley
Trevor Philips
Objective Rob an armored car depot and escape
Location Ludendorff, North Yankton
Fail Killing any hostages
Bradley Snider dies
The getaway car is destroyed
Going off-course during the getaway
Unlocks Franklin and Lamar
Deaths Bradley Snider (post-mission)

Prologue is the introductory mission of Grand Theft Auto V. The mission is set in Ludendorff, North Yankton in 2004, nine years prior to the events of the game.


Trevor Philips, Michael Townley, and Brad Snider hold up the office of an armored car depot, threatening the office employees. Trevor sets plastic explosives on the vault, while Michael and Brad force the office employees into a closet. After taking the money, an unaccounted for security guard takes Michael and holds him at gunpoint. Michael tries to persuade the guard to walk away, but Trevor shoots the guard in the head to free Michael. Michael states that they didn't need to kill him; however, Trevor shrugs it off.

After getting out of the building, Trevor, Michael, and Brad gun down local law enforcement to get to their getaway vehicle. During the escape, the hired getaway driver is shot in the head, forcing Michael to take the wheel, who then rams a police car off the road. A road block forces them to detour to a side road to face an oncoming train, which clips the rear of the truck. Abandoning the wreck near a farm, Trevor states that they can still reach the chopper on foot, while Michael believes that they should stick to their original plan. While looking for the chopper, an FIB sniper positioned at the farm ambushes the group and shoots Brad. When Michael checks on Brad, he gets shot and tells Trevor to save himself. Refusing to abandon Michael and Brad, Trevor stands his ground against the police. During the standoff, Trevor spots a woman and holds her at gunpoint, demanding where the chopper is. After releasing the woman, Trevor flees through a hay field while two officers unsuccessfully attempt to gun him down.

The scene then shifts to a cemetery where the funeral of Michael Townley is being held; however, Michael, who is still alive, watches the events from a distance.



  • Chronologically, this is the first mission to take place in the HD Universe.
  • Michael uses a Celltowa mobile phone in this mission instead of his iFruit Phone as smartphones were not as prevalent in 2004 and the iFruit Phone's real-life counterpart wasn't introduced until 2007.
  • The North Yankton State Patrol's squad cars are based on the Albany Esperanto, a vehicle otherwise unavailable in GTA V, and the Declasse Rancher XL. The use of 1980s-era police vehicles during the 2000s may indicate that the state's police force is severely underfunded.
  • Michael, Trevor and Brad had managed to steal $179,500 from the business.
  • When Agent Norton shoots Brad and Michael, the former bleeds out while the latter does not, since Michael knew about, and in fact planned, the ambush.
  • The player automatically earns a gold medal if the mission is completed in a single clean playthrough (i.e. the player does not use a checkpoint during the mission).

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