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Dealers Apartment is an apartment that appears in the mission Lure. It is located in East Holland, Algonquin. During the mission, the apartment is used by the assistant of Clarence Little. The apartment has an interior decorated in a Jamaican style. It cannot be entered by using the fire escape next to the window but rather by a glitch involving the nearby Clean 'n' Fast building, and an NRG 900. It is a one bedroom apartment. There is a small hallway that has two doors although these can not be entered. It has a working Kronos clock inside, along with various CDs, and movies including Zombie Resurrection, Still Madd, Funk in Time, and Sunshine Shine. As seen through the cutscene, there is a television but it can not be watched. There is also a small sofa with a stand next to it. On the stand there is a rastafarian colored bong, and a plate with a Jo-Jo's Cola can on it. There is also a large picture of a marijuana leaf located above the bed.


  • The two stands that are present in the apartment, one by the sofa, and one in the hallway are not solid.
  • From certain viewpoints, if looked through, the window in front of the fire escape can emit a sight as if in black hell.
  • Located on a shelf next to the bed, there is a sprunk can which model comes from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.
  • The only way to get out of the apartment is by jumping out the window in front of the bed.

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