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The following article is a walkthrough of the InterGlobal Films asset mission Dildo Dodo for Steve Scott in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Meet up with Steve. You stop at the InterGlobal Films studio to learn of the upcoming films' progress. Steve Scott, the films director, tells you that actresses Candy Suxxx and Mercedes Cortez, the women you recruited in the last mission have been brilliant and that they're preparing to film the boat scenes tomorrow. You then remind Scott that there is to be no giant sharks in the film. You will then ask if Scott has printed the promotional leaflets but hears that they are not allowed to distribute them as people are "unimaginative". You then tell Scott that you have your own plans for distributing them.

After the completion of the mission cutscene, you will be given the following instruction:

There is a seaplane that was used as a prop in some old indie film round the back of the studios. Use it to distribute the flyers around town. Pick one of the checkpoints to start dropping the flyers from. Drop the flyers all the way to the end checkpoint.

Get to the jetty at the back of the studios and enter the parked Skimmer. Fly over Vice City's main island's neighbourhoods, Downtown, Little Haiti, Little Havana, Escobar International Airport and Viceport neighbourhoods, dropping the promotional leaflets across various parts of the neighbourhoods.

Start from the south and move upwards. Once you have flown through all of the checkpoints, the mission will be passed, and you will be $2000 richer.

Video Walkthrough

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