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The following is a walkthrough of the InterGlobal Films asset mission Martha's Mug Shot for Steve Scott in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Before the mission

Following Candy's Stretch.
Going to the window to see Candy Suxxx and Alex Shrub.
Shooting two FBI agents.
Getting into the helicopter.
Flying to the InterGlobal Studios.
Landing inside the InterGlobal Studios.

Obtain a Combat Sniper with sufficient ammunition, and a M16 assault rifle with sufficient ammunition. You will need them if things turn out wrong.


Meet up with Steve. You will be informed that Congressman Alex Shrub wants to win the next election by supporting restrictions on the pornography film industry. As this is bad for InterGlobal Films, Steve wants you to follow Candy Suxxx to Shrub.

After the cutscene finishes, you will be given the following instructions:

Follow Candy's Stretch

Run towards the nearby Sparrow parked on the studio. Get in and then fly above the studio for a minute or so until Candy gets on her golden Stretch. Then, start following her. The car will drive out of Prawn Island and enter Vice Point, there it will keep going along the streets until it reaches Shrub's penthouse (formerly Gonzalez's penthouse) behind The Malibu Club, and opposite the WK Chariot Hotel.

Once Candy's stretch reaches Shrub's penthouse, you will be shown a cutscene of Candy entering Shrub's penthouse and going into Shrubs's pool. The two will then engage in a short conversation. After the completion of the cutscene, you will be given the following instruction:

You need three good blackmail photographs of Alex Shrub with Candy. The WK Chariot Hotel accross from his balcony should provide an ideal photo-grabbing location. There is a side door that will allow you access to the hotel.

Once there, park your Sparrow on the beach and get into the marked hotel in front of Shrub's penthouse. Go up the stairs until you reache the marked floor, then enter the hallway in that floor and go towards the window at the end. Once there, activate the camera you were given at the begining of the mission (activating the camera is just like activating a Sniper rifle), zoom in, aim at Shrub and take three incriminating pictures.

Get back to the Porn Studios with the film.

When you take the third picture, Candy will notice that you are there and will tell Shrub (a.k.a. Martha). He will call the cops and set his bodyguards on you. Arm yourself with an assault rifle or submachine gun and go down the stairs. Kill Shrub's bodyguards and get out of the hotel.

Then, run to the Sparrow and get in. Once airborne, fly back to Interglobal Films. Don't worry about the cops. They won't be able to reach you while you are in the air. When you reaches the studio, land the Sparrow and run towards Set D. Since the cops will be at the studio and will try to shoot you down. Once you enter Set D and give Steve the pictures, you've passed the mission!

BE CAREFUL!: If the Sparrow disappears on sight once the player gets out of the hotel, they'll have no choice but to run as fast as they can and steal any parked car (fast or slow) and get out of there as fast as possible. FBI agents will appear and try to stop Tommy from running, and shoot him instantly. Police bribes will only remove one star at a time, and will send out SWAT teams instead, with their Enforcer vehicles. Get to the Pay 'n' Spray as fast as possible, while being pursued, and then the wanted level stars will disappear, but don't think that Tommy has just evaded the FBIs yet. More FBIs will be waiting outside of the studio entrance. Get on the roof and neutralize FBIs with either a Sniper Rifle or with other assault rifle weapons. After that, get in a vehicle and drive to Set D and give Steve the pictures.


The pink and white building near Shrub's penthouse looks like it can't be landed on, but it is possible and Tommy will be able to walk on an invisible surface, as if floating on thin air. But Tommy will have to go to the normal photograph point first to activate that part of the mission, or the photos won't count. It's more convenient to land the chopper on top of the outdoor drive-in awning of the WK Chariot, so that you are almost at the same altitude as Candy and Shrub. Taking the photos from either of these points, instead of inside the WK Chariot as the game suggests, allows Tommy to evade the FBI shooters in the stairwell.

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