Distraction Action!

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Distraction Action!
Game GTA 2
For Red Valdez
Target Zaibatsu
Location Zaibatsu Village in Residential District, Anywhere City
Reward $70,000

Distraction Action!, also known as Decoy Trailer!, is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 2 given to protagonist Claude Speed by The Zaibatsu Corporation leader Red Valdez. The mission is the second job available from the red Zaibatsu phone in The Village of the Residential District.


Red Valdez is planning on pulling off a job, but needs the Cops out of the way. He has Claude create a diversion by stealing a Special Agent Car from the Cop Station, then luring the Cops away until the job can be finished.


Red Valdez: "Gecko - it's Red Valdez. I need you to create a diversion - something to distract the Cops. Go to the Video Store for further directions."

(Claude drives to the Video Store)

Informant: "Head up the steps and across the pipes to get inside the Cop Station. Destroy the rooftop Generator to open the exit then steal the Trailer with a Special Agent Car on it."

(Claude fights his way through the Cop Station and destroys the Generator)

Red Valdez: "SHIT! Destroying the Generator has set off an alarm! Get the Truck, Gecko - and get the hell out of there!"

(Claude escapes to the Truck and takes off with it)

Red Valdez: "Distract the Cops and avoid getting arrested for ONE minute. That should give me just enough time to pull off the little job I have planned."

(Claude evades the police for one minute)

Red Valdez: "That was perfect, Gecko. Ha ha! One day perhaps I might share the reason for my mirth with you. For now, here's $70,000."


The reward for completing this mission is $70,000.

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