Down the River

Down The River
Mike confronting a Mafia gangster
Mike confronting a Mafia gangster

Mike confronting a Mafia gangster
Game GTA Advance
For Asuka Kasen
Target Mafia
Location Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Reward $10,000
Unlocks Bad Pimpin'

Down The River is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Advance, given to protagonist Mike by Yakuza co-leader Asuka Kasen from a building in Bedford Point on Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Asuka Kasen is having problems with the Mafia (presumably the Leone Family), who want to make some money from her import-export business. However, Asuka has a plan to warn the Mafia against tackling her business and to make money. She wants to set up a servant ring in Asia and tells Mike that the Mafia members are going to be 'enlisted'. She gives him a Katana to attack the Mafia members and a vehicle to bring them to the docks in Newport. Mike leaves and drives to a location in Bedford Point, where he beats up and 'enlists' ten members of the Mafia. He drives them to the docks in Newport, with the Mafia members boarding Asuka's ship. Mike then drives to a second location in Bedford Point and beats up and 'enlists' more Mafia members. However, one of the Mafia members confronts Mike and is killed. Mike is then paged by Asuka and is informed that the ship is going to set sail soon. Mike drives back to the docks in Newport and drops off the remaining Mafia members, with Asuka witnessing the Mafia members boarding the ship.


Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, I'm quite upset. I run a profitable import-export business and the Mafia seems to want a piece of my pie, so to speak.

Mike: What do you want me to do about it?

Asuka Kasen: Well, I thought to make an object lesson out of a few of their thugs. I want to set up an indentured servant ring in east Asia and I want you to round up Mafia 'volunteers'. Take this katana; it's a family heirloom. 'Enlist' as many Mafia thugs as you can with it and we'll send them out on a cargo ship tonight. I expect at least fifteen Mafia thugs but will reward you handsomely if you bring me more, Mike-san.

(Mike leaves Asuka's)

Mike: You have a cruel sense of retribution, Asuka. Remind me never to cross you.

(Mike enters the Belly provided by Asuka and drives to a location in Bedford Point, where he finds some members of the mafia)

Mike: Time to teach these Mafia thugs a lesson in revisionist history.

(Mike beats up eight Mafia members, who each enter the Belly that Mike had been driving)

Mafia Member #1: Hey wise guy, don't think I won't forget your face!

(Mike enters the Belly vehicle)

Mike: Hmm... I'm not too sure how to take that. Get in the truck. Better drop this rowdy bunch off at the docks before hunting for more.

(Mike drives to the docks in Newport)

Yakuza Member: Asuka sent me to supervise the operation. It'll just take a few moments to get these chumps onboard.

(Mike drives to a second location in Bedford Point and finds more members of the Mafia)

Mike: Here comes the American-born samurai! Banzai! Or something...

(Mike beats up some of the Mafia members, who then enter the Belly vehicle)

Mafia Member #2: What's this all about? A free trip? I've never been out of my neighborhood.

(Mike continues to beat up members of the Mafia)

Mafia Member #3: Hey tough guy! You think you can get away with the slaughter you just caused?

Mike: Well, if I don't leave any witnesses alive, I might have an even chance.

Mafia Member #3: You're crazy, princess! You're on top of the Mafia's hit list now. We'll be back.

(Mike kills the mafia member who confronted him)

Mike: I can't work for this mad woman anymore. She's going to get me killed. Time to drive the truck over to the docks and introduce these Mafia thugs to their new lives.

Asuka Kasen: Time to set sail, Mike-san! Bring the scum you've captured to the docks before the freighter leaves port. Asuka.

(Mike drives back to the docks in Newport, carrying fifteen Mafia members)

Asuka Kasen: Let us see what you have brought me, Mike-san. I count 15, unfortunate Mafia thugs. I have accomplished my goal of sending the Mafia a warning. Incursions into my territory will not be permitted.

(Mike drives to the docks in Newport with between sixteen and eighteen Mafia members)

Asuka Kasen: Ahh, Mike-san. How many poor Mafia souls have you brought me? (*¹) Mafia thugs, that's more than I'd expected. Good work. The first blow has been made. The Mafia will think twice before invading my territory again.

(Mike drives to the docks in Newport with nineteen or twenty Mafia members)

Asuka Kasen: March them off to the freighter, Mike-san. An ironic sight, don't you agree? I count (*¹) Mafia thugs here. Amazing! You deserve much more than the usual pay, Mike-san, some extra cash and my car. The Mafia will be infuriated at losing so many of their men!

(Mike drives to the docks in Newport with between twenty-one and twenty-four Mafia members)

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, my katana looks like it's had quite a workout! Let's see what you've brought me. Unbelievable! I count (*¹) men here! The Mafia will be sore pressed to recover from such a blow. I will triple your pay and you may keep my katana and car!

Post Mission Pager Script

Asuka Kasen: Mike-san, let me introduce you to the pleasures of the snack bar. Asuka.


The reward for completing the mission with 15 thugs is $10,000, with 16-18 thugs you will receive $15,000, with 19 or 20 thugs you'll get $20,000 and Asuka's Yakuza and with 21-24 thugs you will get Asuka's Katana, her Yakuza and $30,000. The mission Bad Pimpin' is also unlocked by completing the mission.

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